Drilling Systems Automation Tech Section Sets ATCE Meeting

The Drilling Systems Automation (DSA) Technical Section invites you to join us in a half-day workshop that will be held in conjunction with the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana.   This important event is scheduled for Sunday, 4 October from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., Level 2, Room 209-210 of the Morial Convention Center.

Help us cultivate the basic terms and levels of automation as we develop a roadmap for Drilling Systems Automation!  Come take part in changing the face of automation in the drilling industry and generate the scope and industry path forward for this dynamic enabler.

The industry’s appetite for information about Drilling Systems Automation significantly increased following the Amsterdam SPE/IADC Drilling Conference where high levels of interest were evident.  Specifically, the need for a clear definition of automation and roadmap to lead the way emerged from those discussions.

The book is far from written on this subject, so we ask that you join us to shape the future by inspiring a page or two!

There is no charge to attend this meeting.  However, due to limited seating, please contact Shasta by Wednesday, 30 September if you plan to attend.

Additional information is located on the Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section website:


We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

John Thorogood
Chairman, DSA Technical Section