Former SPE President Dies

Gustavo Inciarte, SPE’s first president from Latin America and a former member of the board of directors of  Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), died 27 January in Norman, Oklahoma, after a short illness. He was 71.

Inciarte’s 45 years as an SPE member was highlighted by his selection as 1999 SPE president. During his tenure, SPE made progress on several issues that would bear fruit in the following decade, including developing reserves and resources definitions, forging cooperation with other professional societies, and laying the groundwork for SPE’s website. He also served on the SPE Board of Directors as regional director for the South America and Caribbean Region.

“He was a gentleman, a brilliant person, and a good friend. This is a great loss for SPE and for all of us,” said Jacques Bosio, 1993 SPE President. Bosio was the first SPE president from outside the US and Inciarte the second.

Active for four decades in the Venezuelan oil industry, Inciarte eventually became a senior consultant to the president of PDVSA in Caracas and a member of the PDVSA Board of Directors in 1995. His career was marked by a devotion to research and development. He became president of the Instituto Tecnologico Venezolano Del Petroleo (INTEVEP), the R&D and technology development center for PDVSA, in 1985 and would serve in that position for 10 years. Reflecting on his SPE presidency during the Society’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Inciarte expressed pride in raising the profile of R&D while on the SPE board.

He began his professional career with Shell Venezuela after earning a BS degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He worked in positions in both Caracas and The Hague and became E&P manager of Shell’s Venezuelan operations. When the Venezuelan oil industry was nationalized in 1976, he joined the Shell successor company Maraven.

Inciarte was long active in SPE, serving on numerous committees. He was also active in the Gas Processors Association, serving on its Board of Directors as the first non-US member, and later founded the Venezuelan chapter. He was also a member of the Board of Sarkeys Energy Center at the University of Oklahoma and the Industry Advisory Board to the School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering there. He was named to the University of Oklahoma College of Engineering Distinguished Alumnus Society in 1992.

Inciarte resided in Norman, Oklahoma, where he continued to serve as a consultant to the oil and gas industry.

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  1. If you ever met Gus you would never forget him. Not necessarily for his size but his overwhelming freindship. He tried to get me a job in Porta la Cruz, Venezuela before the political fallout. He bought me my first Chilian wine in Amsterdam! He guided SPE in good fashion. I’m proud to have known him and to have called him my friend. – SCWehner, Midland, TX

  2. This is a big lost, not only for our society, SPE and my country, Venezuela, but also for all the people related to the oil industry. Dr. Inciarte did a great job at Intevep and also as a SPE member and SPE president. His love, dedication and support of research and development were some of his great characteristics that are not commonly seen in managers and executives in the oil industry. Javier Miranda, Barinas, Venezuela.

  3. I have great appreciation for Gustavo (RIP) and his family. I had the opportunity to team up with him in several committees at the Sarkeys Energy Center. I will be always in debt with him for all his friendship and support toward getting my PhD degree and his recommendation letter during my US immigration process. Abel Chacon, Houston, USA.

  4. Barcelona, February 3, 2010.

    I did not meet him, but when I started serving as officer on Universidad de Oriente SPE Student Chapter (Barcelona, Venezuela), the group of officers (including me) at that time had access to a lot of books and proceedings he donated to our chapter years ago. Within these year I´ve realized what he did.. I had only a short email talk with him and he let me know about his SPE activities, specially during his presidency in 1999. Among others, he mentioned three SPE pioneers in Venezuela: Adafel Rincón, Simón Antúnez and Juan Vicente Roger. Men like this encourage young members to continue expanding SPE mission and values, and that´s what I´ve been doing since 2003. RIP Mr Gustavo.

    Membership Chairperson – SPE Eastern Venezuela Section.
    Co-Chairman – SPE Young Professionals Chapter, Puerto La Cruz, VENEZUELA.
    SPE Student Development Committee Member.
    Tlf: +58.416.7810384
    twitter: @jesus1saavedra

  5. Only today I recognized that Gustavo has passed away more than one year ago.
    I met Gustavo during his visit in Italy to the SPE ITalian Section as President of SPE.
    At that time I was the Program Chairman of this section and I have a very nice memory of him and his wife.
    A very big loss for SPE and fotìr the Petroleum Industry.

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