2010 SPE Distinguished Corporate Support Award

SPE announced that Schlumberger is the first ever recipient of the SPE Distinguished Corporate Support Award.  This new award was created by the Board of Directors to acknowledge the contributions of our corporate partners which enable us to progress our mission to disseminate technology for the public benefit and to provide opportunities for petroleum professionals to enhance their competence. 

The award will be given annually to a company that has demonstrated significant global support of SPE over time in areas such as volunteerism, dissemination of technical knowledge, attendance at SPE meetings, and overall support of the society’s activities. Schlumberger’s demonstrated leadership in all of these areas makes it an excellent choice to receive SPE’s highest corporate award.

One thought on “2010 SPE Distinguished Corporate Support Award”

  1. There are a number of small, mid size and major firms in our industry who surely contribute much to our Society. Certainly Schlumberger and the People of Schlumberger are in that number, and deserve to be recognized for outstanding support over the decades.
    Bruce Bernard

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