RDTS Webinar on Flow Assurance and Oilfield Scale

A web broadcast in the SPE Webinar Series will take place on the subject of Flow Assurance and Oilfield Scale on Wednesday 17th November 2010 at 8:30 am (Central Standard Time). The presenters will be Dr. Hartley Downs of Baker Hughes and Professor Ken Sorbie of Heriot-Watt University. In the first presentation, Hartley will give an overview and general context of Flow Assurance issues and will present background basics and recent challenges in the management of waxes, asphaltenes and hydrates. Ken will then provide a second presentation on the prediction and prevention of conventional and “exotic” oilfield mineral scales and naphthenate deposits. Each presentation will be approximately 30 minutes. Following the two presentations, the webinar will be opened to participants to ask questions. Continue reading

Incoming President offers remarks at ATCE

Incoming President’s Remarks

by Alain Labastie, 2011 SPE President
ATCE 2010 – President’s Luncheon and Annual Meeting of Members Florence, Italy

I take this position with pride and emotion, considering how brilliant my predecessors were. Thanks to their vision, SPE is now by far the strongest professional society in the E&P industry, a truly global organization with activities virtually everywhere in the world, and a well respected and prestigious organization.

I would like to thank our membership as a whole for giving me the opportunity to serve the society at this level. I have to say that for me it is not a duty, but a privilege. The task will be collective. I will work together with a superb board of directors and a very dedicated staff, a true dream team.

State of the Society presented at ATCE

State of Society Message

by Behrooz Fattahi, 2010 SPE President
ATCE 2010 – President’s Luncheon and Annual Meeting of Members Florence, Italy

I am grateful for having the opportunity to serve SPE, to visit with many of you around the globe, and make so many friends. But I am also sad that this grand experience is coming to an end.

 I am speaking to you today on behalf of a great professional organization, one that has achieved prominence in our industry, and has extended its reach to more than 92,000 members in 116 countries around the globe, including a significant increase in the number of young members. We achieved nearly 4 percent growth this year, by making sure that we deliver high quality programs that serve your needs, wherever you are located and at all stages of your career. <<<Read more of the State of Society Message>>>

View a Video of the Message.