Incoming President offers remarks at ATCE

Incoming President’s Remarks

by Alain Labastie, 2011 SPE President
ATCE 2010 – President’s Luncheon and Annual Meeting of Members Florence, Italy

I take this position with pride and emotion, considering how brilliant my predecessors were. Thanks to their vision, SPE is now by far the strongest professional society in the E&P industry, a truly global organization with activities virtually everywhere in the world, and a well respected and prestigious organization.

I would like to thank our membership as a whole for giving me the opportunity to serve the society at this level. I have to say that for me it is not a duty, but a privilege. The task will be collective. I will work together with a superb board of directors and a very dedicated staff, a true dream team.

4 thoughts on “Incoming President offers remarks at ATCE”

  1. respected sir!!
    i belong to pakistan and i am a student over here. in our university there is no role of spe they were not sending any delegates neither any seminars(technicals) were being organized there due to these reasons many students are not even renewing their membership because they find no role of it.
    sir please take some steps for improving our university of engg. & technology, lahore, student chapter.
    please sir!!!
    nice regards

  2. Hello Shahab Asghar:

    I am sorry to hear of your problems with your university. I will contact you directly to discuss a way to resolve this problem. I look forward to speaking with you.

    Kind regards,

    Melissa A Schultea, CAE
    SPE Young Member Programs Manager

  3. I am from the Philippines, and right now I’m a 3rd year Petroleum Engineering student in Batangas State University Chapter. I’m really concerned with the future of our programs and our chapter. I’m a newly elected secretary of our SPE-BatStateU-Student Chapter for 2011-2012.We want to know more about our course but it’s not a priority of our university. We are deeply in need of resources especially laboratory, trainings/seminars, software, instructional materials, books.Funding is one of our great problems.We need your help! I quote “…I am sure also that SPE will have an important role to play to accelerate competency development of younger people, and to stimulate creativity and innovation”(excerpt from Remarks of Alain Labastie 2011 SPE President ATCE 2010 Presidents Luncheon and Annual Meeting of Members Florence, Italy).From this regard, I truly believe that SPE belongs to members. YOU ARE SPE! Yes I am SPE. See you Sir in your Philippine visit on March 12.

  4. Alain,
    Congradulations on your selection and election to SPE President! Wonderful news that one of my fellow Board member has taken the step toward higher leadership positions! I know that you will do a good job and you will push SPE toward creativity and innovation. Keep in touch and let me knw when you will be coming near or to Tulsa OK.
    Ken Oglesby

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