Congratulations to the 2011 International Award winners

Join us in congratulating the 2011 SPE International Award recipients!  The SPE Board of Directors approved the 2011 International Award recipients at their recent meeting. Fifteen international award committees recommended these winners to the board because of their outstanding and significant technical, professional, and service contributions to SPE and the petroleum industry. The winners were chosen from a pool of first-rate candidates. SPE President Alain Labastie will present the awards to the winners at ATCE in Denver.

2011 Winners

Honorary Member Award (2011)

  • William M. Cobb, William M. Cobb & Associates, Dallas, Texas USA
  • *Yannis C. Yortsos, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California USA
  • Egbert Ulogo Imomoh, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

John Franklin Carll Award (2011)

  • *Clayton J. Radke, University of California, Berkley, California USA

Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal (2011)

  • Curtis H. Whitson, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Lester C. Uren Award (2011)

  • *Martin Blunt, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty (2011)

  • Robert W. Chase, Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio USA

DeGolyer Distinguished Service Award (2011)

  • Thomas A. Gouldie, Santos, Adelaide, Australia

Distinguished Member (2011)

  • Surendra Bateja, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, Ahmadabad, India
  • Pronip K. Borthakur, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, Mumbai, India
  • William V. Grieser, Halliburton, Yukon, Oklahoma USA
  • Ajit K. Hazarika, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, New Delhi, India
  • Robert H. Lane, Texas A&M, College Station, Texas USA
  • André L. Martins, Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Alexander A. Neyin, Consultant, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Nestor F. Saavedra, Ecopetrol, Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • Mathew M. Samuel, Schlumberger, Sugar Land, Texas  USA
  • Jeffrey B. Spath, Schlumberger, Houston, Texas USA
  • Michael J. Sullivan, Chevron, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Raymond Tibbles, Schlumberger, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Jalal S. Torabzadeh, California State University, Long Beach, California USA
  • Ding Zhu, Texas A&M, College Station, Texas USA

Cedric K. Ferguson Medal and Certificate (2011)

  • S. Ali Vakili Ghahani, Delft University, Delft, Netherlands (Medal)
  • Jan Dirk Jansen, Delft University, Delft, Netherlands (Certificate)

“Control-Relevant Upscaling”

Distinguished Service Award (2011)

  • *Sami A. Al-Neaim, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • *Herbert J. Bell, Jr., TREK Resources, Dallas, Texas USA
  • Sunil L. Kokal, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Completions Optimization and Technology Award (2011)

  • David D. Cramer, ConocoPhillips, Katy, Texas USA

Drilling Engineering Award (2012)

  • Kenneth E. Gray, University of Texas, Austin, Texas USA

Kenneth’s award will be presented at the SPE/IADC Drilling Conference & Exhibition in March 2012. Kenneth will also be recognized at ATCE 2012 in San Antonio, Texas.

Drilling Engineering Award (2011)

  • John L. Thorogood, Consultant, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

John’s award was previously approved as the recipient of the 2011 Drilling Engineering Award.  His award was presented at the SPE/IADC Drilling Conference & Exhibition last March. John will also be recognized at ATCE in Denver, Colorado.

Formation Evaluation Award (2011)

  • Mehdi Matt Honarpour, Hess, Houston, Texas USA

Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility (2011)

  • Zara Khatib, Petroleum Institute/Shell, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Management and Information Award (2011)

  • Donald L. Paul, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California USA

Production and Operations Award (2011)

  • A. Rashid Hasan, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Minnesota USA

Projects, Facilities and Construction Award (2011)

  • Kazuioshi Minami, Petrobras, Santos, Brazil

Public Service Award (2011)

  • *Berry D. Simpson, Allegro Properties, Midland, Texas USA

Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award (2011)

  • Michael J. King, Texas A&M College Station, Texas USA

Young Member Outstanding Service Award (2011)

  • Faisal N. Alnughaimish, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • Abdullatif A. Al-Omair, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • Hernán Buijs, Wintershall, Barnstorf, Germany
  • Carrie Goddard, Chevron, San Ramos, California USA

* Automatically elected as SPE Distinguished Members

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