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The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), together with the Webinar Steering Committee (volunteers from the 2010 SPE Intelligent Energy Programme Committee) will be inviting several authors to participate in live webinars every month. The webinars are free and provide an insight into what will be presented at Intelligent Energy 2012.

12th SPE Live Intelligent Energy Webinar

Date and time: Tuesday 19 July 2011 at 1400 hours UK time
Webinar title: Creating a Digital Picture of our Integrated Operations within BP: Why a Picture Says a Thousand Barrels
SPE paper number: SPE – 128709
Authors: P. Calvert, R. Heddle, B. Stenhouse and M. Woodman, BP
Presenter: Patrick Calvert, BP
Description: Within BP, an alternative paradigm for system optimisation has evolved from the desire to generate an operability map of the process. By combining data analytics with first principle-modelling and visualisation techniques, it is possible to generate operating maps for our oil and gas installations that are analogous to the “weather map”. Process mapping provides a valuable insight into the operability of the process that can be accessed in a quick and easy manner. Operators can immediately relate to the encapsulated information by comparing their own observations with those plotted in front of them. Over time their knowledge of the process is enhanced and the process is maneuvered towards the “optimal point”.
Process mapping has led to significant increases in production within BP. Expressing the virtual insight of a model in a format that both the onshore and offshore teams can relate to has naturally led to an impressive level of asset engagement. In this presentation, the people, process and technical implications of process mapping will be discussed alongside the value experienced to date.

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