Society of Petroleum Engineers Debuts Oil and Gas Facilities Magazine; Publication Focuses on Projects, Facilities, and Construction

Richardson, Texas, USA (16 February 2012) – The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is pleased to announce the release of its newest magazine – Oil and Gas Facilities.

Oil and Gas Facilities, a bimonthly publication, promises to be the industry’s most important periodical serving projects, facilities, and construction (PFC) professionals. Topics will include upstream onshore and offshore facilities, processing systems and design, measurement and control, pilot projects, mooring and station keeping, and many more. The magazine replaces the peer-reviewed journal SPE Production, Facilities, & Construction, but each issue of Oil and Gas Facilities will include several peer-reviewed technical papers in a special section.

“In the last few years, SPE has recognized the dramatic increase in complexity and technical challenges facing our discipline,” said John Walsh, SPE Technical Director for Projects, Facilities, and Construction. “With the creation of Oil and Gas Facilities and under the guidance of industry leaders, SPE is responding to this need and creating new knowledge-sharing platforms in our discipline.”

The idea for the magazine began in 2011 during a meeting of the PFC Advisory Committee. The committee recognized that SPE provided many good programs in the discipline, but many PFC specialists do not view SPE as their professional home. Oil and Gas Facilities is one of the new initiatives that will help change that.

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