Australia to host 2013 Unconventional Resources Conference

The 2013 Unconventional Resources Conference and Exhibition (URCE) will be held 11-13 November 2013 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The conference, the first for SPE in the region, will provide an ideal opportunity for attendees to focus on the evolution of the unconventional resources sector internationally, to discuss technical and commercial innovations and best practices, and to allow participants to appreciate the diversity, opportunity and capacity for growth.

Brisbane has become the centre and base for many of the major unconventional resource players in Australia with the latest coal seam gas (CSG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and shale gas developments projects. SPE expects regional and global participants to attend the URCE in Brisbane, including influential industry leaders, professionals, senior government officials, and NGO representatives.

“We are very proud of the progress of our industry in Australia.  The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Center offers a great location and an opportunity for attendees to be at the centre of an important emerging industry,” said Rod Bresnehan, program committee co-chairman, Mitsui E&P Australia.

A joint Australia, North America and international technical committee consisting of senior research and industry personnel from major academic, operating, and service company sectors is being assembled to develop a programme that focuses on the best practices from the North American industry while gauging new international developments and best practices.

“Our expectations are that Queensland will play a major part in Australia becoming the world’s number one gas producer and key LNG exporter. This exchange of technical information will be invaluable for all those involved and will highlight the diversity of emerging unconventional gas projects across Australia and internationally, Ray Johnson, program committee co-chairman, Armour Energy.”

As conventional oil and gas reserves have diminished, interest in unconventional resource exploration and development has increased, with Australia as one of the key focus areas. An AUD180 billion unconventional gas industry has been established within a very short timeframe, and growth continues to accelerate.

New technologies and initiatives, such as the Queensland Gas Scheme and major CSG projects, have created regional and economic opportunities in Australia’s energy sector for emerging players like AGL, Armour Energy, Arrow Energy/Shell, BG Group/QGC, Beach Energy, Senex, Blue Energy, Santos/PETRONAS, Origin/ConocoPhillips, Mitsui E&P, Westside, Molopo, Schlumberger, Halliburton, and others.