Switch Documentary Screening at ATCE 2012

Questions SPE consistently asks itself:  How does this help our members? How does this help the industry? How does this move the industry forward?

One way these questions have been answered is by SPE’s recent contribution to and support of the American Geological Institute Foundation (AGI).  AGI supports educational, scientific, and charitable activities like the Switch Energy Project, benefiting the entire geoscience community and the member societies affiliated with the Institute.

The Switch Energy Project is a film, web and education program to build energy awareness and efficiency, created to help people move forward together toward a smarter energy future.

Additionally, Switch, is the title of a new feature-length documentary film as part of the project.

As a benefit to our members and ATCE attendees, there will be a special, complimentary Switch documentary screening on 8 October 2012. In the film, energy visionary Dr. Scott Tinker goes on a spectacular, global adventure to find out what the future of energy holds. Dr. Tinker explores the world’s leading energy sites, from coal to solar, oil to biofuels, many highly restricted and never before seen on film. He gets straight answers from the people driving energy today, international leaders of government, industry, and academia. In the end, he cuts through the confusion to discover a path to the future that is surprising and remarkably pragmatic.

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