SPE Launches Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil Conference in Latin America and Caribbean

MEDIA CONTACT:  Andrea Valencia

Richardson, Texas, USA (13 August 2014) – The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) introduces the SPE Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil Conference: Latin America, 24–26 September 2014, Medellín, Colombia. The 3-day event provides international perspectives on best practices and technological advances in the exploration and production of heavy and extra heavy oil, as well as the opportunities and challenges faced in the process.

The conference brings great value to the Latin America and Caribbean region by enhancing the technical networks that help build bridges for the exchange of information and knowledge, focusing on key areas of heavy and extra heavy oil E&P.  Event highlights include the participation of executives from service and national oil companies in Latin America providing their perspectives for the future of heavy and extra heavy oil and sharing their experiences on inflow control devices  use and performance.

“The conference’s program committee has assembled a robust technical program featuring more than 70 technical presentations aimed to improve skills to explore and produce heavy and extra heavy oil resources while minimizing social and environmental impacts” said José Luis Bashbush, Conference Program Chairperson and Schlumberger Latin America Technical Director. “ This is an opportunity to enrich your understanding and find innovative ideas to improve recovery factors of these abundant but challenging reservoirs that contain more than 60% of the world’s oil resources.”

Prior to the event, a pair of training courses will take place covering the topics of reservoir modeling and heavy oil recovery techniques with emphasis on steam injection recovery. Oral presentations will be simultaneously translated in English and Spanish.

The conference promises an excellent opportunity for its attendees to understand the latest technologies and to find out more about the infrastructure challenges that could shape the future of heavy and extra heavy oil development.

For more information visit www.spe.org/go/prlaho


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