OTC Brasil 2015: Industry Traditional Awards Held for the First Time in Brazil  

Considered one of the main events in the global offshore oil and gas industry, the third edition of OTC Brasil is happening until Thursday in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (28 October 2015) – For the first time, OTC Brasil 2015, one of the most prominent offshore oil and gas industry events in the world, held two industry traditional awards ceremonies in Brazil.

After the topical luncheon, this Wednesday second day of the event, OTC Brasil Oversight Comittee Chairman, João Carlos de Luca, presented the Distinguished Achievement Award to Petrobras engineer Antonio Capeleiro Pinto, award for individual. “In my academic life, Brazil gave me everything. I studied in excellent public schools. In my professional life, Petrobras gave me the opportunities to develop a successful career. So I am grateful for both of them,” said Antonio.

The Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies was presented to Subsea 7, for Buoy

Supporting Risers System. The award was received by the company´s Vice-President Vitor Bomfim. “This was undoubtedly the most intense project the company accomplished in Brazil. But it’s not a coincidence that the company received this award. We have decades of investments in subsea engineering.”

In the afternoon, OTC Chairman, Joe Fowler, presented the Spotlight on New Technologies Award to FMC Technologies, for Shape Memory Alloy Fittings in Subsea Equipment, an innovative technology to replace orbital welding processes used to connect hydraulic tubing. FMC Technologies Technology and Engineering Vice-President, Paulo Couto, received the award and demonstrated the technology and its capacity to remember material shape. “It is a technology used many times in other industries, such as automotive, but first time in the application in oil and gas industry.”

Other highlights of the day happened at the topical luncheon, in which Petrobras E&P Director, Solange da Silva Guedes, showed an overview of pre-salt achievements. “Pre-salt is one of the highest cluster of knowledge turned in value in less than 10 years,” she concluded.

IBP president, Jorge Camargo, and E&P Executive Manager for Libra PSC, Anelise Lara, at Petrobras, participated in the panel “Professional Societies Leadership Summit,” where technical professional society leaders participated in an interactive panel on the role of these societies in integrating multidisciplinary technologies. Another well-attended event was the Professional of the Future program with over 700 university students.

On 29 October, Anelise Lara will discuss pre-salt performance and innovations, in a panel about Libra Field and Next Generation Projects in this new frontier of Brazilian exploration. Focused on business in Mexico, the last luncheon features Dr. Lucias Macias Chapa, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, PEMEX E&P, who will address the opportunities in the Mexican sector after the opening in the market. The prospects for oil prices on the global stage will also be discussed in another luncheon, presented by Atul Arya, his Vice President.

The exhibition included more than 160 companies and organizations, from 16 countries, presenting novel technological products and services. Malaysia is participating for the first time at OTC Brasil, with 10 companies. “Our objective at OTC Brasil is to look at the Brazilian market because there are some opportunities to transfer technology and do business with local companies, since we also face challenges in deepwater operations in Malaysia,” told Akar Bakur, MATRADE Oil & Gas Director.

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