SPE-KSU, Petroleum and Natural Gas Dept. organizes a three-day field trip


SPE-KSU and Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department organized a three-day field trip to Saudi Aramco 4-6 February. The students visited Saudi Aramco, Abqaiq Division, Dhahran Exploration and Petroleum Engineering Center (EXPEC), and the Saudi Aramco Exhibit. When the students arrived they were greeted by a reception on Abqaiq Farha Camp.

dsc00786.jpgThe trip included a visit to a drilling rig (ADC-12) in final stages (smart completion), Gas Oil Separation Plant (GOSP 3), Exploration and Petroleum Engineering Center. The next day they attended a safety presentation and tour in the site and rig platform and presentations about the operations and controlling the production in the GOSP, its components, and a tour around the separation stages. On the final day, the group went to Dhahran, EXPEC building and attended a presentation about EXPEC and their new technology in exploration, reservoir simulation, visualization, and geo-steering drilling. The trip concluded at the “Energy to the world” show and tour around the Saudi Aramco exhibition.

SPE – KSU members appreciate PGE efforts and would like to thank Dr. Emad Homeadhi, PGE Chairman; Dr. Mohammed Amro, SPE-KSU Advisor; Eng. Abdulbari Arefi; and the Saudi Aramco group.