Suez Canal University Student Chapter hosts field trip

suez-100x752Suez Canal University Student Chapter organized a field trip to Suez Oil Production and Refining Company on 27 November. The field trip began with a meeting with the vice manager of the company where he explained the different component and units of the company. He explained the path of crude oil during refining and production process starting with desalters to reduce the salinity of the input crude oil, then oil enters the distillation tower in which separation of different component of oil occurs.

Student members visited the company’s different units, beginning with the distillation towers. There they saw how the oil is heated in suitable heat exchangers then enters the tower where it is separated into different components and finally cooled.

During this field trip, they learned a lot about the petroleum refining process, how to obtain the maximum use of heat energy ‘heat exchangers,’ and how to create a safe environment by suitable processes to get rid of oil from water (used in cooling processes) before disposal of it.