SPE I-Tech Student Chapter Organizes a Three-Week Seminar

img_0777SPE I-Tech Student chapter recently held a three-week seminar. The speaker was Dr. Cenk Yaltirak, who studies at Istanbul Technical University. He spoke to the students about a few different topics. This seminar was part of the master’s course program at the university, and both lecturers and undergraduate students attended the seminar. img_0777In the end of the three weeks, SPE I-Tech Student Chapter gave Dr. Cenk Yaltirak a gift of appreciation.

1st Week:
The topic for the first week was “Plate Tectonics and Natural Resources,” which was one of the more general topics in the seminar. Dr. Cenk Yaltirak talked about plate tectonics in detail while using a slide presentation.

2nd Week:
This second week seminar was about “Geodynamics Characteristics of Mediterranean and Turkey”, which was a topic more specific than the one the week before. Dr. Cenk Yaltirak talked about possible locations of hydrocarbon reserves  and discussed geodynamics characteristics in detail. In this seminar, he explained why hydrocarbon occurred in some places and not others. The attendees found this seminar to be informative and interesting.

3rd Week:
This was the last seminar. It was themed “The Occident Toros Mountains- Geodynamics Evolution of Anaksimender Undersea Mountains and Hydrocarbon Potential”. Dr. Cenk Yaltirak focused on the Mediterranean Region. He explained that hydrocarbon reserves and gas hydrates could be in this region. He showed important seismic profiles to understand the composition of the underground. At the end of this seminar, Dr. Cenk Yaltirak answered various questions.