China University of Petroleum holds Petroleum Knowledge Competition

chinauofpetroleum1The SPE Student Chapter at the China University of Petroleum in Beijing recently held a “Petroleum Knowledge Competition.” Fifty-two students from various departments of the university attended the competition, and sixteen of those students made it past the first round of the competition.  Those sixteen students were then divided into four teams to compete against each other.  The four teams were:  Brave Drilling Bit, Gambit, Crown, and Black Gold.   The competition consisted of the teams answering technical and non-technical questions associated with the oil and gas industry.

Two hours after fierce competition, the team “Brave Drilling Bit,” won the competition.  The students from this team performed excellent and will now train further in order to prepare for the 9th Petrobowl Competition in Florence Italy in 2010.  Thanks to the faculty sponsor, Professor Liang Yongtu and, the SPE Student Chapter and the members for working so hard to make this event a success.

China University of Petroleum – Beijing was established in 2005 and now has more than 300 members.  Some activities of the chapter include: a student paper contest, a technical lecture, an academic seminar, an English salon, and student workshops.  Interested students should email the chapter at