SPE Tyumen Student Chapter Organizes a Conference, Meets With Leoben Student Chapter

The 1st International Oil & Gas Forum was organized by Tyumen State Oil & Gas University SPE Student Chapter. Papers were presented by students who were elected to go to “East Meets West” ISTC in Krakow, Poland. In general, young scientists had no experience of participating in such events. They needed to present their papers in English– it was good training before such an important conference in Europe.

Philip Maar, the President of SPE Student Chapter Leoben, gave a presentation about activities of his chapter in Austria. Aleksey Borisenko, the President of SPE Tyumen Student Chapter, was impressed by his speech because of the number of different international activities the chapter participated in. Philip wished the Tyumen chapter all the best, to find out support for their activities, and success in developing the chapter.

The Austria delegation made a field trip to Siberia on the 23rd of March. For the next 5 days, they visited several centers of service and operator companies. They started with an overview of Tyumen State Oil & Gas University facilities and Museum of Ural’s History, then visited Schlumberger Training Center, SurgutNIPIneft institute, Halliburton Training Center, and, finally, Schlumberger Client Support Laboratory. Bernhard Lungwitz, the manager of the laboratory, who has been already working in Tyumen for two years, was very pleased to explain to Austrian students the basics of reservoir stimulation in his native German language.

Finally, the two chapters met for a team-building BBQ party in a forest outside of Tyumen. Fresh air and informal atmosphere opened communication between students, and the chapters agreed to meet again in the near future.

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