SPE’s Indian School of Mines Student Chapter Organizes Video Conference on Economics of Oil and Gas

A video conferencing session was organized by the SPE ISM Student Chapter on the topic “Economics of Oil and Gas.” The chief speaker was Mr. Bhoj Raj Choudhary, a YP working for GGR (Geo Global Resources), Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. These sessions were 2 hours each, wherein the present economic scenario was discussed by students and professors alike. The sessions continued for four days starting from the 5th April to 9th April 2010. An extremely productive and informative discussion on how to increase the economic condition of the petroleum industry also took place alongside the conferencing session. The depleting petroleum resources have been one of our major concerns over the past few decades and a lot was thought over this issue. The session on NELP (National Exploration and Licensing Policy) was particularly captivating and intriguing. Certificates were also handed out to all the students who had successfully completed the course.

ISM videoconferencing Photo

The conference was attended by more than 50 students, all of whom gained a lot of valuable information and knowledge by being a part of this. This was also a chance for them to interact with industry professionals. It was also marked by the presence of professors of the Petroleum Engineering Department, Indian School of Mines. These include the Director of the School Prof. T. Kumar, HOD Prof. A.K. Pathak, Prof. S. Laik, Prof. V.P. Sharma, Prof. S.K.Patra, AMN Ghosh Chair, and others. At the conclusion of each day’s session refreshments were served by the organizing committee. All in all, the entire event was one of a kind to be hosted after a long time and the problem discussed yielded useful results.