SPE KFUPM Student Chapter Holds a Festival for Educating Children

Under the auspices of Princess Ghada bent Abdullah ben AbdulAlziz ben Julewi Al Saud, The Society of Petroleum Engineers in King Fahd University (SPE-KFUPM) and the national society of Medical Students conducted the 2nd STEPS Festival April 7-9 2010, attended by many famous Saudi and International persons.
KFUPM 1 Photo
Essam Adel Al-Ghumgham, director of SPE KFUPM chapter, said the annual festival aims to protect children by spreading useful knowledge to the children and their families. The criteria of the festival goes beyond creativity by exposing children to different themes called “Worlds” out of which they gather useful information. Famous characters from kids TV shows attended the event and volunteers dressed as cartoon characters.

KFUPM 2 Photo
The SPE-KFUPM cooperated with the local voluntary groups to bring in orphans to participate in this event.  The children had a great time thanks to the SPE members and the members of the voluntary team “Be Different”, a Saudi group that aims mainly to promote the voluntary spirit in the youth generations and to serve the community.

KFUPM 3 Photo

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Great job, KFUPM!