NED Student Chapter Organizes Course on Stress,Time Management

On May 29,  SPE NED Student Chapter, in collaboration with Petroleum Institute of Pakistan, organized a day’s course called “Stress and Time Management” at NED University Auditorium. The course was conducted in two sessions. Syed Nazir Abbas Zaidi, GM Supply, Pakistan State Oil, conducted the first session on stress management, and after lunch, Bilal Ahmed, ATrO, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd., conducted the session on time management. Students from across the university attended the course. In the first session on stress management, Zaidi defined the meaning of stress.

NED PhotoHe defined the types of stresses and the chemicals, and the adverse effects these stresses generate in our body. He advised to keep a balance between your work and the people who need you in their lives. He specifically stressed that you should never sacrifice your family and your family life for your work, because the stronger your family bond, the faster you will overcome the stress. Further, he explained how important it is to take some time daily for your inner-self in your life. He then highlighted the issues leading to stress, which ranged from work place to relationship. The last part of his session elucidated the importance of identifying the signs of your stress, sharing them with your family and friends and then finding ways to reduce your stress.

In the second session after lunch on Time management, Ahmed started by defining people by type  according to the way they take or see time. He explained the difference between each of us regarding how we invest in our future or how we plan events. Ahmed further stressed on the importance of  strategic time management. He then put in front of us the Buffers and Time Quadrant System that defines a relationship between urgent, not urgent, important and non-important tasks. On the technical side, he explained different tools to manage time. These tools included GK book, daily scheduler, etc.

The response was overwhelming both from the sides of students and guests, and the event was a success. The speakers nicely presented their parts by involving the audience and giving daily life examples. The students stressed on arranging more seminars and workshops regarding managerial and soft skills.