SPE Student Chapter Indian School of Mines Holds Two Guest Lectures

SPE Student Chapter Indian School of Mines recently held two guest lectures.

A lecture on 12 August 2010 was lead by Mr. Vikas Kumar, a Testing Reservoir Engineer at Schlumberger. He is an esteemed alumnus of ISM Dhanbad working for one of the top-notch service providers. The topic for the guest lecture was “Practical Aspects of Wire line Formation Testing and Well Testing”. His presentation proved to be highly beneficial for the students of petroleum engineering as it gave them an insight into the workings of various tools possessed by Schlumberger. He also showed some animated videos, which helped the students to better understand the uses of the tools.

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Mr. Kumar introduced the software Saphir, which is used to graphically map the well tests. The plots of Pressure vs. Time and GOR vs. Time could be generated, which would help in monitoring the well tests over a period of 48 hours. He also gave some students a chance to run the software on their own so that they could get familiarized with how to use it.

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Because the lecture was highly technical and required an in-depth understanding, Mr. Vikas Kumar made sure that students could grasp the basic concepts and match his pace. The entire guest lecture was a huge success, with students and professors attending it in large numbers.

Another guest lecture was held on 10 August 2010 under the joint collaboration of SPE Student Chapter and Petro-tech Society. The guest lecture was given by an esteemed professor of Texas A&M University, Dr. Prabir Daripa. Professor Daripa is a mechanical engineer from IIT KGP and is currently a professor in the mathematics department of the university. The topic for the guest lecture was “The effect of chemicals on porous medium during EOR”. He has been researching this topic for quite some time and has tried to revolutionize the EOR technique by the use of smart surfactants, which he proposes will increase the productivity and also reduce the WOR. He talked about fingering techniques and the prevention of breakthrough of water using surfactants. He substantiated his research by the adequate use of mathematical equations and the effect on productivity of oil and gas.

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The guest lecture was very interactive with professors and students asking a lot of technical and non-technical questions. The new invention hasn’t yet been put to practical use but Prof. Daripa is hoping he’d find a company to implement it. The research was one of its kind and Dr. Mandal and Dr. Ojha, both associate professors at ISM are currently trying to improve it. Professor Daripa, though not from a petroleum background, had vast knowledge in the field of E&P business.

The guest lecture began with an introductory speech by Prof. T. Kumar, Director, ISM which was followed by an introduction to the professor’s background by Prof. Laik. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. A.K. Pathak, HOD, Dept. of Petroleum Enginerring. This lecture was also a success, with more than 200 students with petroleum and mathematics background attending it.