SPE Student Chapter China University of Petroleum – Beijing (CUPB) Welcomes Alain Labastie, SPE President 2011

On April 20, Alain Labastie and Sheng Ding (SPE Section Chair, Northern China International) visited CUPB.

A presentation was given on “The Oil & Gas Industry: What’s next?”.  The speech was divided into four parts:

  • the trend in energy demand, where Alain suggested that with the rapid development in developing countries, the demand of petroleum would keep increasing with little influence from the stimulus of price.
  • reservation and protection of energy, where it was highlighted that the hydrocarbon would stay as an integral part of energy and would not cause a big energy crisis
  • the current situation and outlook of petroleum production: technical problems currently exist during the oil and gas extraction process, and this will continue to cause an imbalance between the production and demand of petroleum until 2020.
  • climate safety, where Alain gave a clear energy classification and proposed his own suggestion for future oil and gas extraction after talking about the green extraction in France.

After the speech, Alain answered questions on hot issues including Libya, graduate employment and the extraction of petroleum.

To conclude the visit Zhang Laibin, Headmaster of CUPB, expressed his warm welcome and congratulations to the achievement of SPE in recent years. He said that the visit from Alain Labastie and Sheng Ding was an important part of the internationalization strategy of CUPB.

The Chapter said “The visit of Alain Labastie is an encouragement to the research and communication work of our university in the field of petroleum and also a support to the work of our SPE student chapter. Our student chapter won the top 16 in the International Oil Knowledge Contest last year and was awarded Chapter of the Month for January 2011.  All these awards are enhancing the reputation of our university in global oil industry as well as increasing our international standards.”