Congratulations SPE July Student Chapter of the Month – Universitatea “Petrol-Gaze” Ploiesti! 

The SPE Student Chapter of the Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti – Romania is the first one of its kind made for the petroleum engineering students in the country of Romania. This chapter is supporting and informing students and young professionals in the petroleum industry who want to benefit from SPE activities with help from the SPE Romanian Section.

Their goal is to bring more and more people together who are learning and working hard to for the same goal: delivering energy to the world in order to sustain its vital activities. The students at this chapter have established a fantastic website , designed to keep students and young professionals informed and updated on their activities and programs.  They are taking advantage of the opportunity to increase their  knowledge in terms of technology and to build relationships with future colleagues in the field or in the research centers of the near future.

They hosted a company presentation from Prospectiuni, Geological and Geophysical Services in April.  Also, earlier this year some of the their students attended the “East meets West” SPE Student Conference in Krakow Poland.  They have a paper contest scheduled during this month of July.  Alain Labastie, 2011 SPE President visited with them in April.

Way to go, SPE July Student Chapter of the Month – Universitatea “Petrol-Gaze” Ploiest.  Keep up the excellent work!


Chapter President: Tudor Precup
Chapter Vice President: Nicolae Moga
Chapter Secretary: Madalin Paraschiv
Chapter's HR Responsibilities: Mihai Vasile
Chapter's Treasurer and IT Responsibilities: Rares Petre