Learn the Benefits of Being an SPE Student Member

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Some of SPE’s most active and excited members are the students. Our 230 student chapters span six continents, and several times a month we receive new chapter activity reports about the latest field trips, fundraisers and competitions hosted all over the world. Being a student member is both fun and educational, and we want you to join!

Membership is not free by default, but our professional members will cover your dues in full if you are not able to pay. All you have to do is check the box “have professional member cover my dues” during the sign-up process. Otherwise, annual fees range from USD 10 to 14. Yes, that’s it! See the chart at the bottom of our join page for details.

Connect with peers

Belonging to a student chapter will give you the footing and support you need as you begin your involvement at SPE. Our chapters divide their time between activities that enrich their education and give back to the community.

And, don’t worry, it’s not all work. Our chapters know how to have fun! Earlier this month, the University of Manchester Student Chapter organized the SPE Northern Universities Winter Football Cup in England. We document many of these activities on this blog.

Connect with the industry

You’ll get a head start on networking and have access to industry professionals at the 60+ events and meetings SPE holds all over the world.

The student registration fees to attend these events are significantly lower than those of professionals and, sometimes, they are waived entirely. The largest conferences and workshops typically offer some type of networking or competition event geared toward students. Winners from the annually held regional paper contests are flown each year to the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (last year’s conference was held in Florence, Italy!) to compete in the international paper contest. This is one of our most popular conferences, and it attracted 9,400 oil and gas professionals from 57 countries this past November. Learn about the conference here.

If you can’t make it to an event, our eMentoring Program can match you with a professional member from anywhere in the world. Our mentors are ready to dispense their wisdom at your request, whether by email or phone, and you remain paired for an entire year. As with all student programs at SPE, this one is free!

This is just a slice of the benefits our students experience after becoming a member. Check out our students page to learn all the ways you can benefit from membership and get involved.

Get awarded

We dedicate more than one million dollars every year to scholarships and fellowships.  You must be an SPE member to apply for most of them.  Our SPE sections also give out scholarships to students in their regions. Learn more.

Ask away

Contact our customer service at service@spe.org or by calling your region’s office if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer.

Ready to join?

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