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SPE’s Research and Development Technical Section was created by SPE’s R&D Standing Committee to stimulate R&D activities that improve our industry’s ability to find and to produce oil and natural gas.  The Section’s objectives are:

  • To expedite and to facilitate R&D activities with application in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons
  • To provide a forum for discussion and cooperation on R&D for exploration and production of hydrocarbons
  • To promote communication and collaboration between academia and the E&P industry
  • To create an active community of and to facilitate networking between R&D users and providers

The Section’s annual dinner meeting is held at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) each year and members are updated on Section activities, elect the Section Officers and Directors, hear an interesting and thought-provoking after-dinner speech and network with fellow members in a relaxed and informal setting.  The Section also organises a topical luncheon at ATCE with a panel of speakers focussing on a topic such as an emergent technology of particular significance to our industry.

The Section arranges a number of webinars wthat are open to all SPE members.  In these webinars, two expert speakers give presentations on R&D needs, opportunities and projects associated with a specific new technology or technical challenge facing the E&P industry, and then answer questions from listeners.  Previous topics have included Unconventional Reserves, Global Energy Economic Perspectives, Flow Assurance, Underground Carbon Sequestration, Human Factors in Oilfield Decision Making, In-Situ Molecular Manipulation, Increasing Recovery Factors, and Higher Resolution Sub-Surface Imaging.

The Section has developed a new R&D Directory, to be launched during 2012.  This gives R&D providing organisations, such as universities, contract research companies and government research laboratories the opportunity to inform SPE members about their research capabilities and projects.  Joint Industry Projects, whether newly proposed, underway, or completed, can be described here.  University departments can use the Directory to advertise PhD and post-doctoral research opportunities and to seek industry placements for junior faculty.  Academics from outside petroleum engineering are particularly encouraged to use the Directory to publicise research they believe could be relevant to the exploration and production industry and to make contact with people who could provide useful input and potentially help them find application for their work.

The Section periodically publishes a Newsletter to keep members informed about Section activities and developments.  And the Section helps organise the SPE’s biennial R&D Symposium.

The R&D Technical Section is open to any SPE member interested in R&D. Join now!  Once you join, you will have access to announcements, a discussion forum, a calendar, and links relating to R&D.  It also allows Section members to access a wide range of documents and presentations, including presentations from the Section’s annual meetings and topical luncheons, and from the SPE R&D Symposia, our Newsletters, articles written by Section Directors, and the Section constitution.

Above all the Section exists to promote R&D for the exploration and production industry by providing our members with actionable information and useful services.  Send the Section Officers any suggestions you have for additional activities and services which could benefit the Section members.

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