2014 SPE President Jeff Spath Visits the Center of Oil and Gas Industry in West Siberia

Tyumen, RUSSIA – 2014 SPE President and Schlumberger Vice President of Industry Affairs, Jeff Spath arrived in Tyumen on 14 September 2014 as part of his weeklong tour of Russia, spanning Moscow, Sakhalin, and Samara. Spath was accompanied by SPE VP of Sales and Marketing, Roberto Chiarotti; SPE Russia and Caspian Regional Director, AndreyGladkov; and SPE Moscow Office Director, Claudia Rodionova.

This is the second time the SPE Tyumen Section in West Siberia was honored to host the highest rank in SPE since the visit of 2010 SPE President Alain Labastie.

Jeff Spath has a long history of service to SPE. He served as the SPE Board’s Technical Director for Management and Information and as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer. In 2011, he was named an SPE Distinguished Member.

On 15 September, Spath made his first stop at the Gazprom Neft Research Center where he had an opportunity to speak with young professionals about the benefits of SPE membership, SPE’s global strategy, and the short-and long-term goals of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. The audience listened with enthusiasm and raised many thoughtful questions about their participation in a variety of SPE events and programs.

Then, on the way to one of the largest oil companies in the region, LUKOIL, Spath visited the Schlumberger drilling operations center which supports almost all of the geomarket region. The meeting, led by, Schlumberger Drilling Manager, Crispin Chatar, joined engineers and line managers from the world largest service company with executives from the world largest individual member society. The open dialogue answered questions about which programs SPE can offer to its members for self-development and networking.

The involvement of Schlumberger’s, technical community in local and regional SPE activities was also discussed, and Spath listened attentively to his colleagues.

Jeff Spath began his career with Flopetrol-Johnston Schlumberger as a field engineer in Louisiana, conducting well tests onshore and offshore. He has worked for 30 years in various global positions in reservoir engineering, research, and management.

Later that day, KogalymNIPIneft, the research branch of LUKOIL, welcomed Spath with great interest. As the winner of the SPE 2014 Regional Distinguished Corporate Service Award,LUKOIL is looking forward a long-term relationship with SPE.

Vladimir Vitalyevich Mulyak, GeneralDirector of LUKOIL -Engineering said that SPE activities are “an exceptional opportunity for the industry professionals  to meet with others and to exchange knowledge and information on the international level; innovations in the oil and gas industry are impossible without this opportunity.”  To be in the vanguard of the newest technologies, oil companies must pursue the same goals as SPE: knowledge accumulation and dissemination.

The meeting was started with a speech given by the Deputy Director of Research in Well Construction, Daniyar Lyabipovich Bakirov. He appreciated SPE’s high quality workshops and training sessions for LUKOIL engineers, specialists, and experts. Following the speech, many ideas for future engagements were generated. At the end of the meeting, Spath personally granted a 1-year SPE membership to Daniyar Bakirov. He then presented commemorative SPE pins as a sign for LUKOIL’s support of regional SPE activities.

The meeting with TSOGU started with a welcome speech from the Head of the University, Rector Vladimir Vasilyevich Novoselov. Following his speech, Dr. Novoselov demonstrated to Jeff Spath the highest level of oil & gas educational programs offered by university. Moving between classrooms and laboratories, he showed a unique 5D virtual drilling training room, one of the university’s newest innovations and patented inventions. Spath pointed out a role of the university in support of TSOGU students’ activities in SPE. Not without reason, the biggest student chapter in the region is operating at TSOGU. Established in 2005, the chapter has received the Outstanding Student Chapter Award for twice and the Gold Standard Award three times. Tyumen State Oil and Gas University is also the alma mater for both the previous and current SPE Tyumen Section Chairpersons, Andrey Korotchenko and Alexey Borisenko.

On the evening of the special event organized by the SPE Tyumen Section and the TSOGU SPE Student Chapter, Jeff Spath met with officers from both groups. This gave the students and oil & gas professionals an opportunity to talk directly with the SPE President in an informal atmosphere at a welcome buffet before the event. More than a hundred people attended and all of them represented oil and gas companies operating in the region, including Gazprom, LUKOIL, Rosneft, Surgutneftegas, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes,Halliburton, Novatek and others.

After a short introduction and welcome speech from SPE Tyumen Section Chairperson Alexey Borisenko, the microphone was passed to Jeff Spath. With each idea in his keynote speech, Spath ignited the interest and enthusiasm in SPE. Spath identified ways SPE can be more relevant to its members,bringing knowledge and education to experienced and young professionals.

He spoke about how SPE benefits university and high school students through Energy4me, which helps teachers and young students as well as SPE Chapter members.

After Spath`s speech, Andrey Gladkov discussed the many ways SPE supports members in the Russia and Caspian region, letting the professionals in Tyumen know that they are a vital part of an active global network, more than 120,000 members strong.

The special guest of the evening, well-known expert Alexander Stanislavovich Timchuk presented a unique technical lecture on the challenge of unconventional resources, heavy oil, and arctic oil production.

On the next morning, 16 September, the SPE President was hosted in the Technical Center of Tyumen State University. The meeting started with a speech given byDeputy Director of Research at TSU Andrey Viktorovich Tolstikov. Dr.Tolstikov demonstrated the university’s unique laboratories and equipment including a supercomputer named after famous Russian scientist Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev,  a laboratory for creation of nanoobjects called “Nanofab-100”, and brand new chemical laboratories.

Spath supported TSU students` initiative to an SPE chapter at their university, which would be the second SPE Student Chapter in Tyumen. SPE President wished luck and success to the Chapter`s leader, Tair Esenbayev.

Spath finished his Tyumen tour at the Schlumberger Client Support Laboratory, which provides solutions to well services operations in Russia and Central Asia area since 2005. Schlumberger continuously invests in local resources and infrastructure to further enhance service capabilities and address technical challenges. The Tyumen Client Support Laboratory(CSL) is equipped with specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to support well cementing and stimulation operations for the area and meets stringent regulatory requirements. The laboratory includes well known oilfield lab equipment such as HPHT rheometers, consistometers, ultrasonic cement analyzers, fluid loss cells, and also unique equipment such as a formation response tester, a proppant pack conductivity apparatus, a fluid flow friction loop, and a fluid gas migration analyzer, all currently utilized to support conventional operations as well as new technologies implementation. CSL Manager Olesya Olennikova continues the high level of internal customer support tradition begun by well-known expert, Schlumberger advisor,the builder and first CSL manager Dan Fu, and his successor Bernhard Lungwitz.

At the end of this trip Spath said, “For 30 years in the oil and gas industry I`ve visited many countries and what I saw here in Tyumen really impressed me.”

Since 1957, SPE Presidents have been travelling around the world promoting the SPE mission: “To collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge, and to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence.” There is no doubt that this trip made by 2014 SPE President Jeff Spath is a significant step forward for the future of the oil and gas industry the Tyumen region and throughout Russia.

TSU students

Jeff Spath's speech

Jeff Spath's speech