SPE’s STAR Scholarship and Fellowship Awards Make a Difference

A great way to see SPE working in our industry is to check in with past members who have benefitted from one of the many programs offered. This year’s STAR scholarships and fellowships nominations deadline is coming up in Mid-April, so what better time to check in on one of SPE’s past recipients.

The STAR scholarships and fellowships support those pursuing degrees related to the oil and gas industry until completion of the degree for which awarded, up to a maximum of 4 years. Since 2009, SPE has dedicated more than $1 million awarded by its 16 regions.

Allison Yuen is a 2011 recipient of the STAR Scholarship, and encourages students to apply for the STAR Scholarship and Fellowship Awards. She was heavily involved in the University of Calgary SPE student chapter at the time and first heard about the STAR scholarship through the chapter.

“It was a scholarship that directly lined up with what I was interested in pursuing for a career and reflected my choice of student clubs,” said Yuen, who is currently working as a production engineer in Shell Canada Limited.  “I felt that my extracurricular activities involving the energy industry were a good match for the STAR scholarship program.”

Today, her role is to support the Groundbirch shale-gas asset and focus on optimizing production from gas wells.

The SPE International Board began the program as a commitment to education and a way to drive students to science degrees in order to pursue careers in the energy and petroleum industry. The nominees are reviewed and scored by a regional committee that is organized by the regional director. This committee consists of faculty members, and professional members from each section in the region.

Canada awards one scholarship of $5,000/year for up to 4 years and one fellowship of $10,000/year for up to 4 years.

To learn more about the STAR program, please visit https://www.spe.org/scholarships/star.php, or call the Calgary office at 403-930-5454.

Allison Yuen on a recent field assignment with Shell.