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Louisiana-Lafayette takes top honors, chapter president shares success

2008-ula_lafayette_osca-300x1681The University of Louisiana at Lafayette was named the 2008 SPE Outstanding Student Chapter (OSC) at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Denver. Following is a brief interview with Chapter president Andrew Patin, who shares his views on the accomplishments and challenges of the past year.

What would you consider as your chapter’s biggest strength or biggest accomplishment this year?

We are a very diverse chapter; 160 students from 25 different countries. We develop strong relationships with one another and are able to help each other on and off campus.
Besides this award, we were named Outstanding Engineering Department (among other engineering departments in the university) 2 years in a row.  The award consisted of different engineering competitions and disciplines (papers, projects, design competitions and quiz bowls related to the engineering field).
What would you consider is the biggest challenge your student chapter faced during the year. How
did you overcome it?

2007-2008-Having the finances to send 44 students to ATCE 2000 Anaheim, CA. It created financial bind to hold more fundraisers to make up for other activities.  Result was not much member participation in following year.
Past year-More successful in funding for trip for ATCE Denver. We are improving our fundraising efforts.
What student chapter activity did your chapter enjoy most?  Which was the least?

We enjoy all, but most is Engineering Week at University of Louisiana.  Everyone gets involved on engineering projects and competitions.  The bonding makes us a better department.
We make light of every situation, every task and try to make it fun and beneficial for everyone.
 What would you consider your best resource(s) for student chapter operations?
Learning from past presidents: what good came out of it and how to improve for next year.  
Also, the industry helps.  We can call up companies we’ve worked with before for questions and assistance.  They help sponsor our activities.  Some have even approached our school.
 Our family, friends, and relatives help too.
What can SPE do to better assist with student chapter operations and relationships? 

 Funding assistance to ATCE. We usually have a good relationship with our section (SPE Evangeline section).  We attend their meetings and activities since they are located next or near our university.
 Any big plans in store for next year you would like to share?

 Keep up with what we’ve been doing. Build a name for ourselves at university level, nationally, and internationally.  Be recognized.
What advice / message would you like to convey to other student chapters on how they may
become next year’s OSC?

Get more freshman (first year university students) participation.  We’ve learned from Chapter Officers Workshops at ATCE 2008 freshman participation can be problematic.  Overcoming this problem has created more freshman participation this year than I’ve seen.
Set standards as a club organization at a university-level – show how you are helping out the community as well as developing professionalism.
Bring in an industry professional who is a recent graduate to talk to your students. It will give them more insight to the industry upon graduation.
 Special thanks to:

  • Our faculty advisor, Dr. Ghalambor
  • Past chapter president, Eric Lege
  • All current and past chapter officers
  • SPE staff
  • SPE Evangeline section

Regional Maritime Academy members attend energy education conference

Members of the SPE Student Chapter at the Regional Maritime Academy in Accra, Ghana attend the first-ever Energy Education Conference, 4 October, in Accra. The theme of the conference was the role of energy education, its significance in nation-building — technology today and the future. Speakers at the conference discussed alternative energy sources and the need for individual responsibility. Chapter president Isaac Aduhene Opoku aslo emphasized the chapter’s outreach program of energy education to school-age and university students.  Panelists discuss energy education at the recent conference in Accra, Ghana.student_news_rma_1027083

Technical conference draws large crowd

Students and faculty from 17 SPE Student Chapters attended the SPE Students’ Technical Conference and Exhibition, 26-28 June, hosted by the Petroleum Training Institute. More than 290 attended technical sessions and (pictured) demonstrations of oil field equipment such as this drilling rig.


Karachi Chapter hosts mud logging class

karachi_thumbnailThe University of Karachi SPE Student Chapter held a course on Mud Logging, Coring & Well Testing Techniques, 28 June. The course was attended by 77  SPE Student members, 22 guests, and several faculty members and professionals. Certificates and gifts were presented to the course coordinator, instructor, and the volunteers who helped organize the event.

Maritime Academy hosts E-program for school children

Isaac Opoku, president of the SPE Reginal Maritime Academy Student Chapter, put on an environmental program for children in the DA school in Prampram, Ghana. Opoku identified various energy sources, how some contribute to global warming, and how children can work to conserve resources and protect the environment. The program is part of the chapter’s on-going outreach efforts.


King Saud Chapter has busy month

Members of the King Saud University SPE Student Chapter attended the First Saudi Innovation Exhibition focusing on innovations related to exploration and production. The student chapter members also organized a 6 day SPE recruiting campaign, which brought the chapter’s membership to more than 600. Trips during the month included a visit to the Disabled Children’s Association and a field trip to a natural gas distribution company.

Section officers discuss operations, make recommendations

reg_off_con_feb08.jpegSection officers from across Europe met recently in Amsterdam to discuss section activities and recommendations to the SPE Board of Directors. Pictured (left to right): Constantin Popa, Romanian Section; Mike Gunningham, Netherlands Section; Klaus Potsch, South, Central and Eastern Europe Region Director; Matthew Kirkman, Azerbaijan Section; Vasile Badiu, Romanian Section ; John Donachie, North Sea Region Director; Andrey Gladkov, Moscow Section; Marin Cikes, Croatian Section ; Jan Drechsler, Stavanger Section; Sandra Cobianco, Italian Section ; Annette Poulsen, Aberdeen Section; Colin David, London Section

I-Tech high-tech field trip


Members of the Istanbul Technical University SPE Student Chapter took a 3-day tour of the Denizli Geothermal Field recently, and were told of the variety of uses for geothermal energy, which is usually exploited using E&P technology. Geothermal wells, for instance, are currently used to generate electricity, heat buildings, and provide hot water to hotels and homes.