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SPE Student Chapter Indian School of Mines Holds Two Guest Lectures

SPE Student Chapter Indian School of Mines recently held two guest lectures.

A lecture on 12 August 2010 was lead by Mr. Vikas Kumar, a Testing Reservoir Engineer at Schlumberger. He is an esteemed alumnus of ISM Dhanbad working for one of the top-notch service providers. The topic for the guest lecture was “Practical Aspects of Wire line Formation Testing and Well Testing”. His presentation proved to be highly beneficial for the students of petroleum engineering as it gave them an insight into the workings of various tools possessed by Schlumberger. He also showed some animated videos, which helped the students to better understand the uses of the tools.

ISM Photo
Mr. Kumar introduced the software Saphir, which is used to graphically map the well tests. The plots of Pressure vs. Time and GOR vs. Time could be generated, which would help in monitoring the well tests over a period of 48 hours. He also gave some students a chance to run the software on their own so that they could get familiarized with how to use it.

ISM Photo

Because the lecture was highly technical and required an in-depth understanding, Mr. Vikas Kumar made sure that students could grasp the basic concepts and match his pace. The entire guest lecture was a huge success, with students and professors attending it in large numbers.

Another guest lecture was held on 10 August 2010 under the joint collaboration of SPE Student Chapter and Petro-tech Society. The guest lecture was given by an esteemed professor of Texas A&M University, Dr. Prabir Daripa. Professor Daripa is a mechanical engineer from IIT KGP and is currently a professor in the mathematics department of the university. The topic for the guest lecture was “The effect of chemicals on porous medium during EOR”. He has been researching this topic for quite some time and has tried to revolutionize the EOR technique by the use of smart surfactants, which he proposes will increase the productivity and also reduce the WOR. He talked about fingering techniques and the prevention of breakthrough of water using surfactants. He substantiated his research by the adequate use of mathematical equations and the effect on productivity of oil and gas.

ISM Photo

The guest lecture was very interactive with professors and students asking a lot of technical and non-technical questions. The new invention hasn’t yet been put to practical use but Prof. Daripa is hoping he’d find a company to implement it. The research was one of its kind and Dr. Mandal and Dr. Ojha, both associate professors at ISM are currently trying to improve it. Professor Daripa, though not from a petroleum background, had vast knowledge in the field of E&P business.

The guest lecture began with an introductory speech by Prof. T. Kumar, Director, ISM which was followed by an introduction to the professor’s background by Prof. Laik. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. A.K. Pathak, HOD, Dept. of Petroleum Enginerring. This lecture was also a success, with more than 200 students with petroleum and mathematics background attending it.

NED University of Engineering & Technology is September Student Chapter of the Month

Congratulations to the SPE Student Chapter of the Month for September, NED University of Engineering & Technology! This chapter has been roaring busy! They are constantly fulfilling their goal of enhancing the professional and social bond between students of petroleum engineering, the oil and gas industry and SPE Student Chapters throughout the world.

NED Photo
They publish the brilliant newsletter Newseye highlighting the activities and achievements of the chapter. They organized several training sessions including one on Introduction of Drilling Fluid and Mud Field Testing featuring  Syed Muhammad Amir, Drilling Fluid Engineer of MI Swaco, attended by 76 students. They arranged field trips, including one for final year students to the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) drilling site in Hundi with more than 40 attendees.

NED Photo

Recognizing the current world challenges, students of this chapter collaborated with Petroleum Institute Of Pakistan (PIP) and organized a certified course on Time and Stress Management. Dr. S.N.A. Zaidi and Bilal Ahmed Khan taught the sessions.  More than 350 students attended this event.  NED chapter held other similar seminars.  The chapter was allotted a complimentary stall at the Pakistan Oil Gas and Energy Exhibition. Students displayed 6 projects during this 4-day event that more than 500 visitors attended. They hosted a Young Professional Lecture, as well as other lectures.  They even implemented a unique program in which senior students share their experiences and knowledge with the junior students.

NED Photo
NED Photo

NED Student Chapter has definitely excelled and earned the honor of September Student Chapter of the Month. We applaud them!

SPE Student Chapter University of Petroleum & Energy Studies Hosts Chairman of SPE India Council

University of Petroleum & Energy Studies SPE Student Chapter hosted a visit of the SPE India Council Officer on 16 August. Close to 200 attendees welcomed Sudhir Vasuedeva, Director of Offshore ONGC and Chairman of SPE India Council. He visited laboratories, ongoing projects and various infrastructural developments within the campus. He gave a presentation on “Challenges in Exploitation of Deep Offshore Oil & Gas Reservoirs.” Vasudeva was highly impressed by the progress of the chapter in such a short span and promised to extend all the support.

UPES Chapter Photo

UPES Chapter Photo

Outstanding Student Chapters Announced

The Outstanding Student Chapter Award (OSC) is presented to the chapters whose programs, activities, and levels of participation during a single academic year distinguish that chapter from others.

2011 Award Recipients

University of Ibadan

UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta

Istanbul Technical University

University of Trinidad and Tobago

NED University of Engineering & Tech

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University

Student Chapters that Achieved the Gold Standard, 2011

University of Ibadan
Institute of Management & Technology (IMT)

Malaysia University of Technology (UTM)
UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta
University of Petroleum China, Beijing

Istanbul Technical University
TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Latin America
Universidad Industrial De Santander
Universidade Estadual de Campinas
University of Trinidad and Tobago

Middle East
University of Cairo
Indian School of Mines
Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT)
NED University of Engineering & Technology
King Saud University
Suez Canal University
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU)
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

North America
University of Oklahoma
Texas A&M University
University of Texas at Austin
University of Tulsa
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Marietta College
University of Calgary

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University


The Outstanding Section YP Committee Award Recipients Announced

The Outstanding Section YP Committee Award recognizes up to three of the best Section YP Committees: most improved, most innovative and overall excellence. The information collected from the award applications identifies best YP practices for circulation across SPE.


Overall Excellence: Gulf Coast Section

Most Innovative: Saudi Arabia Section

Most Improved: London Section


Aberdeen Section


Aberdeen Section


Saudi Arabia Section

NED Student Chapter Organizes Course on Stress,Time Management

On May 29,  SPE NED Student Chapter, in collaboration with Petroleum Institute of Pakistan, organized a day’s course called “Stress and Time Management” at NED University Auditorium. The course was conducted in two sessions. Syed Nazir Abbas Zaidi, GM Supply, Pakistan State Oil, conducted the first session on stress management, and after lunch, Bilal Ahmed, ATrO, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd., conducted the session on time management. Students from across the university attended the course. In the first session on stress management, Zaidi defined the meaning of stress. Continue reading

SPE NED Student Chapter Presents Projects at the POGEE Conference

The SPE NED Student Chapter was given a complimentary stall by POGEE at the POGEE Conference and Exhibition held at the Expo Centre Karachi from 19th to 22nd May. The students displayed 6 projects at the stall, the subjects of which included synthesis of biodiesel, geothermal power plant, CO2 sequestration, coal bed methane, drilling rig model, and tidal energy.
NED Chapter Photo

All the projects had attracted about 500 visitors from upstream, downstream, and energy industries. The visitors had shown great interest in all the projects, but especially in biodiesel. The rig model, tidal energy, and geothermal power plant had also drawn attention from the visitors. For the upstream sector, CO2 sequestration and coal bed methane were of greater interest. The rig model helped those unfamiliar with the upstream industry understand basic drilling operation.

The SPE NED Student Chapter’s Representatives shared with the visitors the benefits of becoming members of SPE. The response of industry personnel was overwhelming. Everyone appreciated the efforts of the students, and the event proved to be very successful. It gave an excellent exposure to the students and encouraged them to continue their work in future.

Great job, SPE NED student chapter!

SPE KFUPM Student Chapter Holds a Festival for Educating Children

Under the auspices of Princess Ghada bent Abdullah ben AbdulAlziz ben Julewi Al Saud, The Society of Petroleum Engineers in King Fahd University (SPE-KFUPM) and the national society of Medical Students conducted the 2nd STEPS Festival April 7-9 2010, attended by many famous Saudi and International persons.
KFUPM 1 Photo
Essam Adel Al-Ghumgham, director of SPE KFUPM chapter, said the annual festival aims to protect children by spreading useful knowledge to the children and their families. The criteria of the festival goes beyond creativity by exposing children to different themes called “Worlds” out of which they gather useful information. Famous characters from kids TV shows attended the event and volunteers dressed as cartoon characters.

KFUPM 2 Photo
The SPE-KFUPM cooperated with the local voluntary groups to bring in orphans to participate in this event.  The children had a great time thanks to the SPE members and the members of the voluntary team “Be Different”, a Saudi group that aims mainly to promote the voluntary spirit in the youth generations and to serve the community.

KFUPM 3 Photo

KFUPM 4 Photo

Great job, KFUPM!