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SPE Student Chapter of the Month for August

Congratulations to Tyumen State Oil and Gas University!  The students of this chapter started off the year busy and have been running ever since.  Their list of goals included increasing membership, going on field trips, conducting conferences and locating a sponsor.  They have been quite successful with most of these items.  They are creating strong collaboration with other student chapters, professional members and industry company representatives.
Tyumen Chapter Photo
Tyumen Chapter recently celebrated five years of establishment with a special event.  This chapter organized the IV International Oil and Gas Conference bringing together students and young professionals from all over Russia and Belarus.  The event included technical sessions and paper contests.  They have successfully organized blood drives, and an awesome recruitment day.  Students participated in the Schlumberger Fellowship Program for TSOGU students, where 4 SPE members became winners.  Chapter members participated in the “East Meets West Program in Krakow, Poland along with chapter members from Ukraine, France, UK, Germany and Poland.  Some of them presented in the poster contest during this event.  Tyumen Chapter was visited by 2011 SPE President Alain Labastie and SPE Young Member Programs Manager, Melissa Schultea.  Field trips include visiting the Training Center of KCA Deutag Drilling Company, as well as the Schlumberger Siberian Training Center.  There were over 18 students that attended the Distinguished Lecturer Program presented by Dr. Santos lecturing on “Ways to Successfully Reduce the Well Blowouts”.  Chapter members were presented a program by Sergey Parkhonyuk, from Schlumberger,  “Propping Agents Characteristics in Hydraulic Fracturing Operations.
Tyumen Chapter Photo
Tyumen Chapter Photo
Tyumen State Oil & Gas University SPE Student Chapter is doing a terrific job and has many more celebrations to come!  Congratulations  on being August Student Chapter of the Month!

SPE Tyumen State Oil and Gas University Student Chapter Celebrates 5th Anniversary

“Five years of success. And it only the beginning” is the motto of the SPE Tyumen State Oil and Gas University student chapter. In these five years, a lot has happened: lectures of known lecturers, field trips to companies, social projects, technical meetings and corporate parties.

Tyumen Chapter Photo

At a recent banquet, after a small opening address, 2010 president of the chapter, Aleksey Borisenko, showed a short presentation of all the activities that the chapter has participated in during the last 5 years. The photographs took the members back to those former years and all agreed they’ve enjoyed themselves.
Tyumen Chapter Photo

Aside from students, the chapter also had guests: Michael Karnauhov, managing chair of  gas and gas condensate deposits, a member of SPE who has always supported the chapter’s activities, and Andrey Korotchenko, the first president of the student chapter SPE and currently the president of the professional section. Visitors noticed that student’s chapter constantly grows and gets stronger. Andrey Korotchenko was awarded a congratulatory certificate from the main section of SPE. Aleksey Borisenko received a certificate the chapter had received in 2005 at the  opening of the section from Andrey Korotchenko.

Tyumen Chapter Photo

All members of the chapter and the visitors were awarded congratulatory certificates in honor of the chapter’s fifth anniversary. The banquet ended with tea and questions.

Congratulations, Tyumen chapter, on your 5th anniversary!

SPE Ibadan Student Chapter Visits SOWSCO and Baker Hughes

Students from the SPE Ibadan student chapter recently participated in a field trip to Port Harcourt in Niger Delta. The field trip included a tour of the facilities of SOWSCO Well Services to learn about cementing, brine and completion, fluid filtration, inventory management, maintenance, laboratory design of slurry and other activities. They also visited Baker Hughes Inc. drilling and logging facilities, as well as Baker Hughes’ Completion and Production facilities at Oil and Gas Free Zone. They visited Gil Automations and learned about remote well monitoring, smart completions and various other things. Dr. Saka Matemilola welcomed them to his residence to learn more about “The Making of a Good Petroleum Engineer”.
Ibadan Chapter Photo
Ibadan Chapter Photo
Ibadan Chapter Photo
Ibadan Chapter Photo

SPE Student Chapter of the Month in July is Kazakh National Technical University!

Congratulations to SPE Student Chapter of the Month Kazakh National Technical University!


Kazakh National Technical University Student Chapter in Almaty, Kazakhstan, has been involved with remarkable activities. A few months ago, they participated in the Youth Forum during the Kazakhstan Energy Week. Alain Labastie, SPE 2011 President, attended their dedication ceremony for their chapter’s resource room at the university. Around 70 students attended a conference they held in conjunction with the Science Committee at the university. The subject of the conference was The Rate of Geology. This conference ran for 15 weeks and was held in their resource room. They were part organizers of a paper contest on Geology and Geophysics in Petroleum Engineering, which included guests from Halliburton. The main objective of this conference was providing students with the opportunity to show one’s potential, as well as to provide knowledge of oil and gas related information.


Keep up the excellent work Kazakh National Technical University Student Chapter – And once again congratulations, July SPE Student Chapter of the Month!

The Outstanding Section YP Committee Award Recipients Announced

The Outstanding Section YP Committee Award recognizes up to three of the best Section YP Committees: most improved, most innovative and overall excellence. The information collected from the award applications identifies best YP practices for circulation across SPE.


Overall Excellence: Gulf Coast Section

Most Innovative: Saudi Arabia Section

Most Improved: London Section


Aberdeen Section


Aberdeen Section


Saudi Arabia Section

NED Student Chapter Organizes Course on Stress,Time Management

On May 29,  SPE NED Student Chapter, in collaboration with Petroleum Institute of Pakistan, organized a day’s course called “Stress and Time Management” at NED University Auditorium. The course was conducted in two sessions. Syed Nazir Abbas Zaidi, GM Supply, Pakistan State Oil, conducted the first session on stress management, and after lunch, Bilal Ahmed, ATrO, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd., conducted the session on time management. Students from across the university attended the course. In the first session on stress management, Zaidi defined the meaning of stress. Continue reading

SPE NED Student Chapter Presents Projects at the POGEE Conference

The SPE NED Student Chapter was given a complimentary stall by POGEE at the POGEE Conference and Exhibition held at the Expo Centre Karachi from 19th to 22nd May. The students displayed 6 projects at the stall, the subjects of which included synthesis of biodiesel, geothermal power plant, CO2 sequestration, coal bed methane, drilling rig model, and tidal energy.
NED Chapter Photo

All the projects had attracted about 500 visitors from upstream, downstream, and energy industries. The visitors had shown great interest in all the projects, but especially in biodiesel. The rig model, tidal energy, and geothermal power plant had also drawn attention from the visitors. For the upstream sector, CO2 sequestration and coal bed methane were of greater interest. The rig model helped those unfamiliar with the upstream industry understand basic drilling operation.

The SPE NED Student Chapter’s Representatives shared with the visitors the benefits of becoming members of SPE. The response of industry personnel was overwhelming. Everyone appreciated the efforts of the students, and the event proved to be very successful. It gave an excellent exposure to the students and encouraged them to continue their work in future.

Great job, SPE NED student chapter!

SPE Marietta Student Chapter is Chapter of the Month for June!

Yay Marietta College! Your chapter has been selected as the SPE Student Chapter of the Month for June! SPE Marietta College Student Chapter has been a very busy chapter. Some of the students are planning, along with Dr. Chase, Chair of the Marietta College Petroleum Engineering and Geology Department, to attend ATCE in Florence, Italy. Within the last several months, they have: participated in a community service project with the Harvest of Hope; attended a trip to the Unconventional Gas Conference; planned a basketball tournament as a social activity; and completed their only fund raiser, the Marietta SPE Golf Outing. The Golf Outing included five technical presentations on the Marcellus Shale and related technologies.

Marietta Photo

They have successfully initiated a new program called Officers in Training, which utilizes Officers elect, allowing a much smoother regime change. This chapter has increased involvement of students in activities promoting the industry and the Society while promoting a positive image.

Marietta Photo

Congratulations, Marietta College SPE Student Chapter!

SPE KFUPM Student Chapter Holds a Festival for Educating Children

Under the auspices of Princess Ghada bent Abdullah ben AbdulAlziz ben Julewi Al Saud, The Society of Petroleum Engineers in King Fahd University (SPE-KFUPM) and the national society of Medical Students conducted the 2nd STEPS Festival April 7-9 2010, attended by many famous Saudi and International persons.
KFUPM 1 Photo
Essam Adel Al-Ghumgham, director of SPE KFUPM chapter, said the annual festival aims to protect children by spreading useful knowledge to the children and their families. The criteria of the festival goes beyond creativity by exposing children to different themes called “Worlds” out of which they gather useful information. Famous characters from kids TV shows attended the event and volunteers dressed as cartoon characters.

KFUPM 2 Photo
The SPE-KFUPM cooperated with the local voluntary groups to bring in orphans to participate in this event.  The children had a great time thanks to the SPE members and the members of the voluntary team “Be Different”, a Saudi group that aims mainly to promote the voluntary spirit in the youth generations and to serve the community.

KFUPM 3 Photo

KFUPM 4 Photo

Great job, KFUPM!