Local news from the Society of Petroleum Engineers

University of Oklahoma Student Chapter Enjoys Redhawk Game

The University of Oklahoma Student chapter enjoyed an Oklahoma City Redhawks baseball game with Chesapeake Energy on a Sunday afternoon. Chesapeake is the second largest producer of natural gas. The members enjoyed free sodas, water, hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and cookies. It was a great opportunity for the members to interact and share information about SPE, the petroleum industry and coursework.

The University of Oklahoma Student Chapter not only knows how to have fun but they make a difference by donating blood. About 34 members and non-members participated in a blood drive hosted by The Oklahoma Blood Institute at the Rawl Engineering Practice Facility.

The chapter also hosted their cabinet meeting on 26 August, discussing plans and goals for the upcoming year.

Awesome work University of Oklahoma Student Chapter!

UPES Student Chapter Alumni Speaks at Chapter Forum

Mr. Shashwat Shubham was the guest speaker at the UPES student chapter forum.  An alumni of the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Mr. Shubham Is currently working as a tester/domain at Tata Consultancy Services, in collaboration with Halliburton.

Mr. Shubham gave brief ideas regarding IT Companies in the oil & gas industry while sharing his experiences from working in the field. Mr. Shubham advised that “one needs to have 40-50% core petroleum knowledge to secure a good position in the petroleum field”.  He also encouraged students to join IT companies as they offer numerous opportunities for petroleum engineers.

SPE RGCE Student Chapter Inducts New Officers

A special inaugural program inducting the new officers for the 2011-2012 academic year was held on 19 August for the SPE Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering Student Chapter.  Guest of honor Dr. Nagendra Gandhi, Head Chemical Engineering Department at Anna University Chennai, delivered a speech about job opportunities in the oil and gas industry and research in the E&P sector.

Student Chapter president Jai Prakash Kohar conducted a seminar on reservoirs, its evaluation, estimation and management. This was Jai’s first seminar in the technical session as a final year petroleum engineering student.

Congratulations to the SPE RGCE Student Chapter new officers!

SPE Curtin Student Chapter Raises Money for Charitable Organization

On Sunday August 28, the SPE Curtin Student Chapter selected their finest athletes to represent their chapter at the Chevron City to Surf 2011 held in Perth, Australia. The Chevron City to Surf is a marathon that can range from 4 km to a full marathon. Eight of the Curtin Student Chapter members participated to raise over $400 for Activ – one of Western Australia’s benefit organizations that provide services and support to people with a developmental disability since 1951.

Also, students at SPE Curtin Student Chapter hosted Thomas Wilson at their university. Mr. Wilson, a reservoir engineer from HESS, shared his experiences in a presentation titled “Life and Experiences in the Petroleum Industry”.  Thirty guests became new members of SPE after the presentation! Thomas shared vital tips to excel in the oil and gas industry, as well as his experiences working internationally as a young professional.

Congratulations SPE Curtin Student Chapter on these accomplishments!

Congratulations to SPE Student Chapter of the Month for September – British University in Egypt!

The September SPE student chapter of the month is British University in Egypt (#6052)!

The students of this chapter has goals to progress more internationally, increase awareness of SPE, learn about other cultures and network with them.  Their campaign is “One Petroleum World Without Borders”.  They are overcoming language barriers and finding ways to manage expenses with a lack of funds.

The students are contacting schools and scheduling Energy4me sessions with the aid of SPE Brochures; have finished planning their chapter’s new uniforms, magazine and campus booth.  They are planning now also for their “SPE Market” project, are in negotiation for a Schlumberger’s Petrel software grant, and are planning to organize and host a “Middle East Petrobowl Competition” at their campus for Middle East chapters for better networking opportunities. Their chapter’s website will soon be released, and they have had social trips as part of their summer fun.

British University in Egypt chapter has completed a 1-month educational program with Yangtze University and are now preparing for two other programs: one at Texas A&M, USA, and the other at North Carolina University, USA.  They have had a successful international coordination between their chapter and Chengdu Study Group consisting of a dinner meeting, greeting and recognition awards distribution.  The 3-day event planned and completed with networking, exchanging cultures, social outings, knowledge sharing, as well as planning for future events. They have also conducted three SPE awareness sessions at three different universities in China ( Yangtze University, South West Petroleum University “SWPU” and Chengdu University of technology “CDUT”).   They have participated at the SEG ExxonMobil Student Educational Program in Turkey and are currently preparing a team to participate in Denver at ATCE 2011.  There is also a team preparing to participate at IPTC 2011 Education Week in Bangkok, Thailand.  Other accomplishments include summer internships at these companies: Schlumberger, Halliburton, Shell, Dana Gas, Eni, Gupco, Agiba and Suco.

The British University in Egypt (BUE) has overcome obstacles and had outstanding achievements, now adding SPE Student Chapter of the Month for September to their long list!  Congratulations!

Henry Dewitt Smith Fellowship Winner Announced

Congratulations to Gerrit Verbeek! He has been awarded the 2011 Henry Dewitt Smith Fellowship. He is awarded the 6000 USD fellowship.

Gerrit is pursuing a Master’s degree in petroleum engineering at The University of Oklahoma, USA. He also completed his undergraduate degree at The University of Oklahoma, graduating summa cum laude. He is fluent in English and Dutch. Gerrit is currently doing research on an algorithm called the Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF) under Dr. Deepak Devegowda in the reservoir engineering department and is expected to complete his degree in 2012. His motivation, self-discipline, initiative and his capacity for hard work earned him internships with BP Alaska, Apache Corporation and Range Resources Corporation.

Congratulations again, Gerrit!

SPE Student Chapter PETRONAS Hosts 2012 SPE President

On July 15, Ganesh Thakur, 2012 SPE President visited the Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Chapter.

The visit covered four main areas:

  • Presentation by Ganesh Thakur on “How to Reach 70% recovery”
  • Luncheon and Networking Session
  • Tour around UTP
  • Session with SPE Student Chapters

The aim of the visit was:

  • To increase the technical knowledge of students on enhanced oil recovery.
  • To create awareness of the latest updates in the oil and gas industry.
  • To strengthen ties between the PETRONAS Chapter, SPE Kuala Lumpur, SPE International and other Chapters in Malaysia.
  • To promote the PETRONAS Chapter to the international level in the oil and gas industry.
  • To provide networking opportunities for faculty lecturers, staff, and students with industry professionals.
  • To exchange experiences to help improve the PETRONASCchapter.

The chapter looks forward to organizing similar events in the future to continually expose and educate Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS students to the latest challenges and opportunity in oil and gas industry in addition to strengthening bonds among SPE student chapters in Malaysia.

SPE Student Chapter NED Gives to the Community

Founded on their belief that most of the problems currently faced by their country is education, the NED Chapter recently initiated a new project.

Their faculty sponsor, Engr. Javed Haneef, came up with a welfare initiative through which children from under-privileged families who cannot afford education will be admitted to schools and their entire educational expenses (including tuition fees, uniforms, books, etc) will be funded by the Chapter. Funds will be generated through donations made by the industry, as well as individuals such as students and faculty.

The project was inaugurated by admitting two children, Hassan Riaz and Ali Riaz, to a school named Al-Hunain Academy. The children have recently lost their father in an accident and their mother, who works as a housemaid, cannot afford their education. One child was admitted to a nursery and the other in KG1 (kindergarten).

Apart from the objective of contributing to the society, this project also aims to make chapter members realize their social responsibility.  The project is still in its initial phases and continuous efforts are required to sustain and grow it. The chapter, under the guidance of the faculty sponsor, is committed and devoted to expand this project so that more and more students can benefit.

Congratulations on all your hard work NED Chapter – you really have made a difference!

SPE Student Chapter ISM Dhanbad Welcomes Guest Lecturer

On August 3, Mr. Partha Nag, a distinguished alumnus from the 1995 petroleum engineering graduates, gave a presentation to the ISM Dhanbad Chapter.  He is currently working as a well engineer for Shell in Brunei Darussalam. The topic of the lecture was well engineering and included information on some of the pioneering wells drilled by Shell. Dr. A.K. Pathak, Head of the Petroleum Engineering Department, gave an introductory speech on drilling engineering, highlighting the academic career of Mr. Partha Nag. Mr. Partha Nag also shared some of his memories of his college life.