Star Recipient’s FAQ’s

When are the recipients announced?

Receiving Payments

What do I have to do to receive my payment?

When will I receive my payment?

I am studying in the U.S., can I receive my payment via wire transfer?


The Academic Progress Form needs to be verified by a University Administrator. Who is that?

What is an Official University Stamp?

What is a wire instruction letter from my bank and why do I have to submit it?

Do I need to submit a transcript or score report?

I have submitted my payment details each term, why do I have to do it again?


What if I am a recipient, but will be delaying my enrollment in university?

Am I allowed to reapply next year?

I plan to continue my education after graduation. Do I need to reapply?

How many classes do I need to take to remain eligible?

Am I required to use the funds for tuition? Do I need to submit receipts?

Where can I find proof of my current SPE membership?

What happens if I attend or transfer to a university in a region different from where I am a recipient?