Wyoming Petroleum Section

Casper, Wyoming, USA

Section Membership Contest 2006

Date Established: 19 August 1950

Social Activities Chair

Xuebing Fu


Mr James D Chase, U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Membership Chairperson

Mrs. Sabrina Katherine Hamner, Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission

Program Chairperson

Mr. Paul Bonifas, Goolsby Finley & Associates LLC


Dr. Marron Bingle-Davis, Sunshine Valley Petroleum Corp


Ms. Julie Marie Cruse, Scientific Drilling Inc

Scholarship Chairperson

Mr. Luke Allen Opitz, True Oil LLC

Staff Liaison

Zain Al Radaideh, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Mr. Blaine Horner, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

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