Northeast Colombia Section

Bucaramanga, Colombia

Gold Standard Section 2017

Date Established: 14 March 2010

Social Activities Chair

Elizabeth Ayala Blanco, D&W Solutions Vigilancia Tecnologica

Social Activities Chair

Jorge Enrique Forero, Universidad Industrial De Santander

Social Activities Chair

Reinaldo Nino, Ninox SAS

Social Activities Chair

EMILIANO Ariza ARIZA LEON, Universidad Industrial De Santander


Professor Olga Patricia Ortiz, Universidad Industrial De Santander

Faculty Advisor

Aristobulo Bejarano Wallens, Independent Engineering Svcs

Membership Chairperson

Luis Alejandro Torres Doria, Universidad Industrial De Santander

Program Chairperson

Reinel Andres Echavez


Bayron David Torres


Mr. Henry Mauricio Galvis


Mr Nestor F Saavedra, Ecopetrol-ICP


Diego Felipe Jaimes Meza

Communications Chairperson

Sandra Juliana Jaramillo

Communications Chairperson

Nestor Javier Castro Parra

YP Chairperson

Mr. Samuel Francisco Martinez Hernandez, Universidad Industrial De Santander

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Mr. Blaine Horner, Society of Petroleum Engineers

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