Section Awards

Section awards recognize those that display exemplary efforts in technical knowledge dissemination, operations, member benefits, society and community outreach, innovation, and more.

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President's Award for Section Excellence

The President's Award for Section Excellence is the highest honor a section can receive. It recognizes the top 10% of eligible sections that are exemplary in the scoring categories. The awards are presented during the President's Luncheon at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.

Gold Standard

The Gold Standard designation is the second highest honor a section can receive. It is awarded to the next 10% of eligible sections that have accomplished an admirable level of activity. A Gold Standard certificate is emailed to all designated sections.

Eligibility and Judging

All compliant SPE sections that submit an annual report by 1 June are eligible for consideration.

Each section will demonstrate a different level of activity in the scoring categories below - depending on initiative, size, and resources. To normalize the varying sizes, sections are divided into four even groups according to the section's total paid membership as of 31 December.

Judging is completed in three rounds by a committee of members sourced from SPE's volunteer opportunities.

Scoring Details

The award shall recognize: Weight

1. Technical Knowledge Dissemination


2.  Section Operations & Sustainability


3. Member Benefits


4. Reaching Out – Within, Inter-Society and Community Benefits 


5.  Innovation