PetroBowl® Championship

The PetroBowl® Championship takes place each year at our SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. Teams from each region are selected through six Regional Qualifiers managed by the Regional Directors and workgroups in those regions. The top five teams from each Region will be invited to the PetroBowl Championship in addition to the two finalists from the previous year.

SPE Chapters that wish to participate in the PetroBowl Championship need to participate in their regional qualifier, to find out which PetroBowl Region you are in please view the Petrobowl Regions Map.

As details of each Regional Qualifier and how to apply for them are confirmed information will be posted on our Regional Qualifiers page.

2017 Finalists

The 2017 Championship took place on Monday 9 October during ATCE in San Antonio, Texas USA. This year was our most diverse regionally with three different PetroBowl Regions represented in the Final Four, and five out of six represented in the Elite Eight. This year a special congratulations goes to the University of Benin, who with only two players became the first Africa Team to make it to the Final. Despite this strong competition the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México held strong to go from just 2 points ahead at half time to win the Championship for the second time.

1st Place: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
2nd Place: University of Benin
3rd Place: University of Oklahoma
4th Place: Batangas State University

See the full 2017 bracket.

Updates to the Program

Several key changes have been made to the PetroBowl® program since the 2017 year. These details will remain until further notice. Please check details for your contest carefully as factors which applied in previous years may no longer apply:  

  • Teams that qualify to the PetroBowl® Championship will consist of 32 teams.
  • Championship teams will include five teams from each PetroBowl® Region, plus the first and second place teams from the previous Championship.
  • How regions select these teams will be determined by the Regional Directors which represent each PetroBowl® Region.
  • No teams will receive funding from SPE International to support their travel, attendance, or participation in regional or Championship games.
  • Regions are encouraged to run regional qualifier games in keeping with the PetroBowl® rules and regulations, but this is not a requirement.
  • Each regional selection process will be arranged by a local workgroup to develop these contests based on the facilities available.
  • With each region running qualifying games independently, no seeding will be considered for the generation of the Championship bracket.

For any questions about the changes to the program please contact

PetroBowl® Questions

Please note that PetroBowl® Questions are created and maintained by SPE members. Recording, sharing or using PetroBowl® question sets is not allowed and is considered cheating. Any members who are caught recording or redistributing questions can affect their team or local Chapter’s participation in the games. 

If you are a SPE Professional Member (no student members please) and want to submit your questions for use in our games please submit your question to the database here.

Tips for preparing for the competition

PetroBowl questions must be verified by reliable sources. Questions can cover any SPE or Industry related topics, including historical, business or technical topics. Here is a suggested list of study materials as possible sources of questions:

Academic: Technical, Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering

Non-Academic: Industry Statistics, History, Trivia, Current Events

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