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Webinar: In Pursuit of the Common Code – Classification and Reporting Petroleum Resources using SPE Standards

In Pursuit of the Common Code – Classification and Reporting Petroleum Resources using SPE Standards
This webinar reviews the PRMS major principles and guidelines. PRMS is now accepted internationally as the primary reference by petroleum producers, stock market regulators, financial analysts, government agencies and industry consultants.
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Webinar: DRY HOLE ANALYSIS: What I have Learnt about the Upstream Petroleum Industry from my Failures

Originally aimed at Young Petroleum Professionals, the concepts have been expanded to help all professionals see the industry as a business.  As well as uncovering technical findings from failures, we can also find out a great deal about the industry that will help working in it become more rewarding and exciting!
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Webinar: Mitigating Security and Safety Risks of Sealed Radionuclide Sources Used in the Petroleum Industry: Regulations to Protocols to Technology

The presentation first discusses the varied landscape of source use by the industry and associated risks. It then describes the mitigation steps underway, especially their complex nexus, associated challenges and cross-disciplinary impacts to pose the question: Would these steps suffice or must source-use be abandoned? The talk explores why and how the industry can partner with various stakeholders in the mitigation efforts to address this multilayered challenge.
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Webinar: Transitioning CO2 EOR to CO2 storage

The CO2 Capture Project, consisting of BP, Chevron, Petrobras, and Suncor in 2016, with the assistance of consultants from ERM, completed a study on the transitioning of EOR projects to CO2 storage. The study’s objective was to understand regulatory frameworks in the context of CO2 EOR and how EOR operations could later transition to CO2 storage.
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Webinar: Becoming an Indispensable Leader

Learn how to become the kind of leader that everyone wants to follow, a leader who knows himself well, is smart enough to learn from others and has the ability to rally team members around a central Mission and a compelling Vision … The journey begins as an ‘inside job’.
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