Heavy Oil Upgrading

Reservoir Description and Dynamics


This course is intended to provide an overview of the composition of heavy crude oils, and the available technologies for converting the heavy oils into marketable products.

Topics include:

  • Heavy Oil Characteristics/Petroleum Product Characterization/ Needs for Upgrading
  • Science and Technology of Petroleum Upgrading: Carbon Rejection Route
  • Science and Technology of Petroleum Upgrading : Hydrogen Addition Route
  • Emerging Technology in Heavy Oil Upgrading

Learning Level

Introductory to Intermediate

Course Length

1 Day

Why Attend?

The main goal of this workshop to provide participants with in-depth insight into the problems associated with heavy oil characteristics that dictates the need to for refining it using special technologies to produce marketable crude oil or petroleum products. The course will be an opportunity to:

  • Understand the basic principles of heavy oil upgrading
  • Secure an overview of the technologies on heavy oil upgrading

Who Should Attend

Petroleum engineers, chemical engineers, production engineers, chemists, technicians, and managers working in developing heavy oil fields and refining the produced crude oil.


Mamun Absi-Halabi is a Principal Research Scientist at the Petroleum Research Center (PRC), with over 30 years of experience in petroleum refining, petroleum industry, and renewable energy. He is currently assigned program manager for Enhanced Oil Recovery Program. He led numerous research projects in petroleum refining and petrochemicals, contributed to the development of several patented processes and products, and participated in authoring over 150 publications covering wide areas including hydroprocessing, catalysis, projections on future refining technology and unconventional hydrocarbon energy resources. He represented KISR in numerous regional and international conferences and has been an active member in various scientific committees, both locally and internationally. Currently, he is on the editorial board of OPEC Energy Review and OAPEC Oil and Arab Cooperation.

Abdulazim Marafi is a Research Scientist at Petroleum Research Center (PRC) at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). Marafi acquired his PhD degree with Distinction in the major of chemical engineering from University of Oklahoma, USA in 1996, MS degree in chemical engineering from University of Southern California, USA in 1988, and BS degree in chemical engineering from Kuwait University in 1983. Marafi has been working at KISR for the past 30. Marafi’s experience is petroleum and petroleum product characterization, refinery hydrotreating processes, catalyst performance and evaluation testing for resid and gas oil hydrotreating processes. He has to his credit in the area of petroleum refining during his carrier development more than 23 publications in refereed journals, 39 papers and extended abstracts in proceedings of highly respected conferences, 33 technical reports,  21 project progress reports, and technical articles in area of refining for Arabic Magazines, formal training courses on resid upgrading and clean fuel technologies.