Squeezing Lowest Total Cost of Operation from Your ESPs

Production and Operations


Year on year we keep using ESPs to produce our wells, but are we really improving ESP performance and our use of this wonderful technology to produce our wells more effectively. This seminar will take an in depth look at the key things that can be done to improve ESP runlife and optimize production to drive lowest total cost of operation.

This one-day seminar will discuss the factors can lead to lower, and many times, unacceptable run lives and what can be done to correct the problem.  In a collaborative environment, this class will discuss four key operational issues and how they can influence the ESP’s runlife:

  • Runlife expectations for subsequent installations in a well
  • The differences between design and specification
  • Tools needed for true production optimization (surveillance and production losses)
  • Contracting philosophy: achieving objective alignment between production and runlife 

The lessons learnt from this seminar will be applicable to your operating environment and can be applied to your ESPs in your wells.

Learning Level


Course Length

One Day

Why Attend?

We guarantee you an informative day where we'll share our secrets on improving runlife and show you how you can increase base production by 5-10%.

Who Should Attend

Those using ESPs.


Attendees of SPE training courses and seminars earn 0.8 CEUs for each day of training and receive a certificate upon completion.

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Sandy Williams has worked in the Petroleum Industry for 27 years. He is the founder of Artificial Lift Performance Ltd (ALP), a company which specializes in helping operators get more oil - a skill which he explains to the layman as being 'like steroids for oil wells'.  Sandy worked 9 years for Amoco, then Phoenix Schlumberger Artificial Lift before becoming a consultant focused on artificial lift and production optimization. He has worked and lived in the USA, Oman, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and has taught over 150 courses related to production optimization and artificial lift and is fluent in Spanish.  ALP have developed a suite of software products to help operators manage artificial lift. The software empowers operators to gather the right information, present it in a meaningful way and allows improved decision making around production optimization.