Current Issue

Volume 9, Number 1


President's Column

Thoughts from 2013 SPE President, Egbert Imomoh.

What's Ahead

Perspective from TWA’s new editor-in-chief, Todd Willis.

TWA InterAct

Responses to TWA content sent via social media.

TWA Interview

Conversation with Charles D. “Chuck” Davidson, Noble Energy’s
chairman and chief executive officer.


Deepwater development: what past performance says about the future.

Economist's Corner

A discussion of how emerging plays boost the economic attractiveness of deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

HR Discussion

An interview with Schlumberger’s Amelia Irion on research and
development’s role in deep water.

Pillars of the Industry

Deepwater developments from a career-long Petrobras perspective.

Tech 101

Leveraging technology to win in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico Wilcox


The way ahead for research and development in the deepwater Brazilian presalt.

Technical Leaders

An interview on deepwater operations with Luke Eaton of ConocoPhillips, Darryl Herrington of LLOG Exploration, and John Thorogood, drilling global consultant.

Soft Skills

To what extent is deepwater drilling driven by culture?

A YP's Guide to...

What it is like to live and work in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

YP Newsflash

Coverage of young professionals’ events around the globe, as well as an update from the YP Coordinating Committee.

Your Best Shot

Readers submit their best on-the-job photos.