Current Issue

Volume 10, Number 2


What's Ahead

David Vaucher, TWA editor-in-chief, on “Earning Job and Career Security.”

TWA InterAct

TWA Twitter, email, LinkedIn, Facebook—una conversación interesante.

TWA Interview

Stephen Holditch, now retired as head of the Harold Vance Department of
Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M, talks about his multifaceted career.

HR Discussion

Interview with John Zornick on hiring former members of the US military.


Results of TWA survey on job satisfaction and job security in oil and gas.

Economist's Corner

Petroleum industry job security—from an economic viewpoint.

Pillars of the Industry

Deanna Jones, vice president of human resources and administrative
services at Marathon Oil, shares her own career “best practices.”

SPE 101

Find out how SPE training courses can help advance your career.

Discover a Career

How do you become an energy advisor at ExxonMobil? Ted Pirog, who serves in that role, explains that in his case it has everything to do with
developing a long-term oil and gas liquids supply outlook.

Technical Leaders

From their perspective as industry leaders, Cindy Reece and David Ching
discuss future job security in the oil and gas industry.

Soft Skills

What is the ultimate transferable skill? Learning.

Tech 101

Fabián Vera, Baker Hughes, and Christine Ehlig-Economides, Texas A&M, discuss shale well performance using transient well analysis.


How engineers can prepare to be job makers, not job takers.

A YP's Guide to...

Regional job dynamics in the energy industry—across five countries.

YP Newsflash

Best practices from SPE’s Young Professional Coordinating Committee and two 2013 Section Award winners for Outstanding Young Professional Activity.

Your Best Shot

Talented lenses: Beautiful on-the-job photos by TWA readers.