Oil and Gas Reserves Committee

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Participate in meetings to discuss progress of projects and reserves issues.
  • Volunteer to participate in subcommittees through which the goals of the OGRC are accomplished. Subcommittees change, depending on the projects of the committee. Current subcommittees:
    • Reserves Education -- develops workshops, conference sessions, articles, speeches, and other means to educate SPE member, regulatory agencies, the investment community, and the public about the PRMS
    • UN/IASB -- Assists the Chairman in representing SPE at meetings and in discussions with these groups.
    • Reserves and Economic TIG -- Monitors discussions in the TIG and responds to any queries regarding the PRMS
    • Applications Document -- Project team working on development of an applications manual for the PRMS; will disband after publication.
  • Be generally available for discussion of reserves matters with other committee members, SPE staff, or industry representatives outside of normally scheduled meetings as necessary.
  • Chairman serves as a member of the United Nations Ad Hoc Group of Experts (AHGE) as a member of the Bureau, which is similar to an Executive Committee of the AHGE. The AHGR Bureau meets twice a year in Geneva, Switzerland. The Chairman participates in the meetings to represent SPE along with one other SPE representation from the OGRC that is appointed by the Chairman.

Qualifications and Experience

  • SPE membership.
  • Degreed engineers and geoscientists with at least 10 years experience in reserves and resources estimation, who are generally perceived in the industry to be subject matter experts.

Expected Time Commitment

  • Attend two meetings each year at SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition and at a location selected by the Chairman. Facilities to participate by phone are normally available, though physical participation in preferred. These meetings usually last 3 to 4 hours.
  • Participate in conference calls of 1 to 2 hours in between meetings as needed to accomplish the goals of the committee. Normally there are 2 or 3 of these in a year.
  • Participation on subcommittees requires additional time, depending on the subcommittee.

About the committee

The committee is charged with:

  • Responsibility for programs dealing with oil and gas reserve matters, including
  • reserve definitions and standards.
  • Disseminating reserve information to other organizations, agencies, and companies involved in reserve matters.
  • Liaising with other organizations in efforts to achieve worldwide use of standard reserve definitions.
  • Monitoring of activities of other organizations in the reserve definition area and provide reports to the SPE Board on these matters; and
  • Providing periodic reports to the SPE Board on oil and gas reserves issues including recommendations for revisions to SPE's reserve definitions.

The committee is composed of 12 to 16 members, with one-third of the members appointed each year by the President-elect for 3-year terms. Worldwide representation should be included in committee appointments. The chairman is appointed by the President-elect to a 2-year term, usually from those persons serving the final year on the committee. The past chairman serves ex-officio on the committee for 2 years after his/her term ends to provide continuity.

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