Young Member Engagement Committee

About the committee

The YMEC aims to ensure that young professional and student engagement remains a top priority for the future of SPE. YMEC members play a crucial role in developing and implementing programs and activities that provide significant value to SPE young members worldwide, including university students and young professionals. The activities will aim to develop technical and leadership skills, providing both peer groups with guidance and support to facilitate their career progression. An important focus will be placed on developing activities which will aid in the transition from student to young professional. Innovation will be at the forefront and the committee will make recommendations to the Board Committee on Member Programs, as necessary, to ensure young member programs have a continuous improvement strategy in place.  The committee will also place an emphasis on communication by using various platforms and creative delivery methods to facilitate technical knowledge sharing amongst young members. Activities to improve industry image, encourage networking between young members and industry, and to attract young people to the industry will also be supported.

To ensure the committee meets its goals, it is important that committee members communicate regularly. The committee usually meets via teleconference on a monthly basis, but members are asked to make an effort to attend the face-to-face meeting that is held in conjunction with ATCE each year. For each meeting, a quorum shall be six members to make the proceedings of the meeting valid. Members are expected to make considerable effort to attend and contribute to all meetings and should give SPE staff sufficient notice should they not be able to attend.  SPE staff will facilitate communication by providing minutes of all meetings, action registers, status reports and a dedicated SPE Connect community where committee members can share documents and have discussions. Through these multiple channels of communication provided, SPE encourages its committee members to make suggestions, propose new initiatives, submit ideas for discussion, or challenge the status quo.

Each member of the committee will be expected to take an active role within the leadership team or one of the subcommittees, of which the details are outlined in the charge, so that the YMEC can maintain and build on the success of the SPE young members portfolio of programs and initiatives. It is the committee’s expectation that in order to move committee business forward, mutually agreed actions must be committed to and delivered upon by the agreed deadlines. The YMEC strives to provide clear responsibilities to its member so that accountability is maintained, and the group as a whole can contribute to successful outcomes.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Preferred previous experience on the Section YP Committee
  • Personal interest in developing university students and young professionals
  • Effective communicator
  • Experience within a leadership role, either in a professional, or volunteering environment

Expected Time Commitment

  • The YMEC will physically meet once per year, at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.
  • Quarterly committee teleconferences and a maximum of one sub-committee teleconference each month.
  • Approximately 1 hour per week to complete action items

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