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Groundbreaking Projects Event Planned for Annual Meeting

A “Legends of Groundbreaking Projects” dinner event will take place at this year’s SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas.

The Projects, Facilities, and Construction event will be moderated by Ken Arnold of Worley Parsons, and will include discussion of some of the largest and most innovative projects in the oil and gas industry.

Various panelists will discuss four selected projects: the rapid installation in Saudi Arabia of massive production facilities with a capacity of several million BOPD; the large offshore facilities in Brazil; the pioneering of deepwater projects in the Gulf of Mexico; and the colossal Canadian oil sands projects in Alberta, Canada.

The aim of this panel is to share the effort that went into the concept, design, execution, and production of these unique projects. The panelists will discuss the challenges that were overcome and the lessons learned.

Australia to Host 2013 Unconventional Resources Conference

In the first SPE conference to be held in the region, the 2013 Unconventional Resources Conference and Exhibition will take place 11–13 November 2013 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The event will provide an opportunity for attendees to focus on the international evolution of the unconventional resources sector and discuss technical and commercial innovations and best practices.

Brisbane has become the headquarters and the resource base for many of the major unconventional resource players in Australia with the latest coal seam gas, liquefied natural gas, and shale gas developments projects. A joint international technical committee consisting of senior research and industry personnel from major academic, operating, and service company sectors in Australia and North America is being assembled for the conference.

As global conventional oil and gas reserves have diminished, international interest in unconventional resource exploration and development has increased, with Australia as one of the key focus areas. Consequently, an AUD180 billion unconventional gas industry has been established in Australia within a short timeframe, and its growth in the region continues to accelerate.