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Energy Education in the Community

Professionals in the oil and gas industry often receive questions about how industry operations can affect public health, the environment, and the communities in which they operate.  SPE's Energy4me contains a wealth of factual information about the oil and gas industry, how it affects society and how to explain industry operations and practices to the general public.  It's also an ideal educational resource for teachers and students.

Explore our hydraulic fracturing site to learn more about the facts related to this sometimes controversial technology for developing the world's oil and gas resources.


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SPE is the largest individual member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry.

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Members in Transition Toolkit

Through every industry cycle, SPE is steady and supportive.  This toolkit provides information, resources, and programs to help you make the most of your career.

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Conformance Improvement

What is conformance improvement?  What techniques are available for improving sweep efficiency?

PetroWiki is a free resource from SPE to answer many basic petroleum engineering and operational questions.  SPE professional members can contribute their expertise through updating or adding to PetroWiki content.


HSE Now is a source for news and technical information affecting the health, safety, security, environment, social responsibility, regulation, and quality aspects of the upstream oil and gas industry.