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Technical Paper Downloads

JPT offers SPE members the opportunity to download and read the full-length SPE technical papers summarized in the magazine. Papers are available only for a period of two months. OTC papers that are synopsized in JPT are not available for download; they can be purchased from the OnePetro Library.

April 2016

Offshore Drilling and Completion

SPE 173043 – First-Ever North Sea Deployment of Tandem DIV System Eliminates Snubbing: A Case Study

SPE 174725 – Road to Success and Lessons Learned in Intelligent-Completion Installations at the Santos Basin Presalt Cluster

Natural Gas Processing and Handling

IPTC 18566 – Operations Excellence Begins in Design

SPE 174751 – A New Method To Detect Blockage in Gas Pipelines

SPE 177660 – New Syngas Reforming Solutions for Enhanced Gas-to-Diesel Conversion

High-Pressure/High-Temperature Challenges

SPE 170919 – The HPHT Completion Landscape—Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

SPE 175479 – MPD Technology Used To Deliver Challenging HP/HT Drilling Campaign

History Matching and Forecasting

SPE 173213 – INSIM: A Data-Driven Model for History Matching and Prediction for Waterflooding Monitoring and Management With a Field Application

SPE 174750 – Streamline-Based History Matching of Arrival Times and Bottomhole-Pressure Data for Multicomponent Compositional Systems

SPE 175121 – Bayesian-Style History Matching: Another Way To Underestimate Forecast Uncertainty?

March 2016

Hydraulic Fracturing

SPE 173335 – Improved Equilibrium-Height Model for Predicting Hydraulic-Fracture Height Migration in Multilayer Formations

SPE 175537 – Novel Proppant Surface Treatment Yields Enhanced Multiphase-Flow Performance and Improved Hydraulic-Fracture Cleanup

SPE 177061 – A New Stimulation Method To Significantly Improve Hydrocarbon Recovery Using Temporary Beneficial Changes in Stress Anisotropy

IPTC 18086 – Novel Rod-Shaped Proppant Fracturing Boosts Production and Adds Recoverable Reserves in Indonesia During Hydraulic-Fracturing-Field Revival Campaign

Production Monitoring/Surveillance

SPE 173578 – Samarang Integrated Operations (IO): Achieving Well Performance Monitoring, Surveillance, and Optimization Through Data and Model-Driven Work-Flow Automation

SPE 175211 – Latest Developments With Fiber-Optic-Based Well Surveillance Such As Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Downhole Production and Injection Profiling

Heavy Oil

SPE 169715 – Chemical EOR for Heavy Oil: The Canadian Experience

SPE 175414 – Solvent-Enhanced Steam Drive: Experiences From the First Field Pilot in Canada

SPE 176703 – Pilot Tests of New EOR Technologies for Heavy-Oil Reservoirs

Seismic Applications

IPTC 18293 – Near-Surface Velocity Model of Dukhan Field From Multiphysics Survey To Enhance PSDM Seismic Imaging

IPTC 18075 – The Impact of Broadband Seismic Acquisition and Implications for Interpretation and Reservoir Model Building

SPE 178715 – High Fidelity Microseismic Data Acquisition in the Midland Basin Wolfcamp Shale Play