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Technical Paper Downloads

JPT offers SPE members the opportunity to download and read the full-length SPE technical papers summarized in the magazine. Papers are available only for a period of two months. OTC papers that are synopsized in JPT are not available for download; they can be purchased from the OnePetro Library.

December 2016

Reserves/Asset Management

SPE 176322 – Samarang Integrated Operations (IO): Integrated Asset Modeling—An Innovative Approach for Long-Term Production Planning Focused on Enhanced Oil Recovery

SPE 176810 – How Visualization Technology is Maximizing Uptime

SPE 177860 – Overcoming Technical-Assurance Challenges in Executing Parallel Megaprojects

SPE 179996 – Unconventional Risk and Uncertainty: Show Me What Success Looks Like

Production and Facilities

SPE 179921 – Determination of H2S Partial Pressures and Fugacities in Flowing Streams for a More-Accurate Assessment of Integrity Threat in Sour Systems

SPE 177442 – Production-Optimization Strategy Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

Bit Technology and Bottomhole Assemblies

SPE 177836 – New Rotary-Steerable-Drilling-System Introduction in the UAE for ADCO Delivers High-DLS Capabilities While Improving ROP and Providing Extensive Formation-Evaluation Data

SPE 177898 – Bending Rules with High-Build-Rate RSS

SPE 178819 – Improvements in the Root-Cause Analysis of Drillstring Vibration

Water Management

IPTC 18340 – Fit-for-Purpose Treatment of Produced Water for Hydraulic Fracturing in the Permian Basin

SPE 177678 – “Fit-for-Purpose” Treatment of Produced Water for Hydraulic Fracturing: A Permian Basin Experience

SPE 177538 – Produced Water Re-injection (PWRI): Case Study From Onshore Abu Dhabi

November 2016

Drilling and Completion Fluids

SPE 175116 – Effective Method for Monitoring Oil-Based-Mud Contamination in Wireline-Formation-Tester Sampling

IPTC 18381 – Development and Testing of Novel Drilling Fluids Using Fe2O3 and SiO2 Nanoparticles for Enhanced Drilling Operations

SPE 176036 – Optimum Nanosilica Concentration in Synthetic-Based Mud (SBM) for High-Temperature/High-Pressure Well

SPE 180051 – New Insight to Wormhole Formation in Polymer Gel During Water Chasefloods Using Positron-Emission Tomography (PET)

Horizontal and Complex-Trajectory Wells

IPTC 18372 – A New Approach for Optimization of Long Horizontal Wells’ Performances

SPE 174955 – Comparing Openhole Packer Systems With Cemented Liner Completions in the Northern Montney Gas Resource Play: Results From Microseismic Monitoring and Production

SPE 178905 – Friction-Load Redistribution for Robust and Cost-Efficient Design of Extended-Reach and Horizontal-Well Completions

Gas Production Technology

SPE 177102 – A Deepwater Gas-Field Development Strategy for T&T

SPE 174890 – Blowout Prevention and Relief Well Planning for the Wheatstone Big-Bore Gas Well Project