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Technical Paper Downloads

JPT offers SPE members the opportunity to download and read the full-length SPE technical papers summarized in the magazine. Papers are available only for a period of two months. OTC papers that are synopsized in JPT are not available for download; they can be purchased from the OnePetro Library.

October 2015

Field Development Projects

SPE 170584 – Dynamic Fault Seal Breakdown Investigation – A study of Egret Field in the North Sea

SPE 171770 – Field Development Plan (FDP) Optimization of a Giant Field for Plateau Extension and Recovery Improvement

SPE 171896 – The Use of New Technologies to Maximize Oil Production in a Viscous Oil Field in Arctic Environment: The Nikaitchuq Experience

Tight Reservoirs

SPE 171671 – Understanding Waterflood Response in Tight Oil Formations: A Case Study of the Lower Shaunavon

SPE 171821 – Success of Rigless Multistage Selective Stimulation in Super-Giant Tight Reservoirs: Case History From UAE

SPE 172831 – Forecasting Production in Shale and Tight Reservoirs: A Practical Simulation Method Capturing Complex Hydraulic-Fracturing Physics

Data Management and Communication

SPE 167869 – Enhancing Wellwork Efficiency With Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

SPE 173334 – Do Data Mining Methods Matter? A Wolfcamp “Shale” Case Study

SPE 173993 – Data-Driven Analytics for Production-Impact Assessment During Unplanned Facility-System Events

Sand Management and Sand Control

IPTC 18220 – High Angle Frac-Pack Completions in Shallow Sands: A Case Study on Program Learnings and Operational Improvements

SPE 173092 – Chemical Sand Consolidation: Developing a Strategic Capability Across a Wide Portfolio

SPE 174180 – Integrated Approach to Sand Management in Mature-Field Operations

September 2015

Reservoir Performance and Monitoring


Drilling Management and Automation

Oilfield Chemistry