TWA Vol. 11 No. 2 Cover
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What's Ahead

TWA Editor-in-Chief , Tony Fernandez, on the importance of keeping academic enrollments high.

TWA InterAct

Presidents of SPE student chapters share their comments on how the new oil price environment affects petroleum engineering students.

TWA Interview

Ralph Eads, vice chairman and global head of energy investment banking for Jefferies, on the factors affecting the oil price and the impact on the banking sector.


For young professionals, understanding the governing principles of oil price and connecting them with facts is key to facing the price turmoil.

Pillars of the Industry

John Wishart, Lloyd’s Register, and Judith Dwarkin, ITG Investment Research, emphasize technology and leadership growth as a strategy to face challenging market conditions.

Economist's Corner

Gürcan Gülen of University of Texas at Austin explains the mechanics of oil
price cycles.

HR Discussion

In a challenging market condition, an astute observation of the investment flow in the industry can help young professionals land in good jobs.


Euan Mearns of Energy Matters blog, Jared Wynveen of McDaniel & Associates Consultant, and James Fann of Cenovus energy share their perspectives on the oil price downturn.

SPE 101

Understanding SPE’s technical disciplines can help you get the most out of your membership.

Discover a Career

Larry Mizzau, principal of reserves and resources governance at Cenovus Energy, explains what a career in reserves estimation entails.

Technical Leaders

Polzin’s comments on the effect of commodity prices on the engineer and the industry.

Soft Skills

Young professionals can use downturns as an opportunity for long-term career growth.

Tech 101

Craig Pirrong of Bauer College of Business discusses the economics of Keystone.

A YP's Guide to...

How oil prices affect the economies of countries differently.

YP Newsflash

Networking, volunteering—common thread of award winners’ messages.