TWA Vol. 12 No. 1 Cover
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What's Ahead

TWA Editor-in-Chief Jarrett Dragani on having a positive outlook during difficult times and looking at them as opportunities for career growth.

SPE President’s Column

SPE President Nathan Meehan provides guidance to young professionals and students on how to handle the downturn.

TWA Interview

Cheryl Collarini, chairman of Collarini Energy Staffing, on her industry background, experience, and journey to the energy staffing sector.

Forum/Soft Skills

Six young professionals share the stories of the career transitions they have faced, the challenges involved, and the soft skills they used to succeed in them.


Our industry is heavily driven by its perception of the reality. What this means for young professionals is to use these times to learn about different aspects of the industry to broaden their horizons.

Technical Leaders

Kim McHugh, general manager of drilling and completions for Chevron Services Company, and Jake Howard, operations supervisor for Chevron in the Midland Delaware Basin, answer questions on the types of career transitions in the industry and how to handle them successfully.

SPE 101

SPE eMentoring program provides young members an opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of experienced professionals from around the world.

Pillars of the Industry

Awareness of the industry’s interconnectedness, respect for every colleague, and diversifying your skill set are of fundamental value for success in the industry. Striving to be essential in your job will improve your chances of staying on board.

Economist's Corner

John Faraguna, president of Hays Americas and global managing director of Hays Oil and Gas, explains the different types of employment terms available in the industry and their advantages and limitations.

Discover a Career

Maintaining objectivity during transitions can be challenging. It is important to remember that the right answer may not always be the best answer.

Tech 101

Technical knowledge is improved through sharing, training, experience, or identifying a better way to accomplish a goal.

HR Discussion/Your Best Shot

A 1-2-3 method for planning and making your next career move a success.

A YP's Guide to...

Be it to the Dallas metroplex or the arctic Alaska, moving to a new location can be an adventure worth attempting.

YP Newsflash

Young Member Engagement Committee Update, PetroBowl Winners