Current Issue

Volume 10, Number 1


What's Ahead

Column from David Vaucher, 2014 TWA editor-in-chief.

TWA InterAct

Check out TWA community social media conversation.

TWA Interview

Amjad Bseisu, CEO at Enquest and chairman of the board at Enviromena Power Systems, talks about his entrepreneurial oil and gas career.

HR Discussion

Learn about making the transition from engineering to leading.


What does it take to be an entrepreneur? Two YPs tell how they do it.

Economist's Corner

Key lessons about entrepreneurs’ economics from YP entrepreneurs.

Pillars of the Industry

nsight into India’s oil and gas history, entrepreneurship, and his own success from Raj Kanwar, founder of SK Oilfield Company.

SPE 101

How an SPE section works and what it does for you.

Discover a Career

CEO Brandon Hayes talks about what he’s learned as a young leader helping revitalize Drillchem Drilling Solutions, an oilfield services company.

Technical Leaders

Established entrepreneurs Ricardo B. Levy and Howard Rosen of Stanford University share advice on becoming a young entrepreneur.

Soft Skills

Two YPs speak about their journeys as successful entrepreneurs.

Tech 101

Trendsetter Engineering’s Mauricio Madrid and Antony Matson explain how offshore capping stacks work.


Practical ways to navigate the sea of petroleum fiscal systems worldwide.

A YP's Guide to...

Continental savvy: Energy entrepreneurship across three continents.

YP Newsflash

Interviews with four 2013 SPE Young Member Outstanding Service Award winners.

Your Best Shot

Superb on-the-job photos submitted by TWA readers.