Solid-State Generator

The FlexGen Solid-State Generator (SSG) solves the transient-response issues of most diesel, dual-fuel, or gas rigs during drilling operations. Drilling-load profiles are highly variable, especially during tripping evolutions, and thus traditional rig generators must be oversized to support peak loads and load steps. The problem is more pronounced on natural-gas-powered rigs because of slower response times. Rig power systems therefore operate at low average loads or with load banks, resulting in high fuel consumption and excess maintenance and emissions. The FlexGen SSG, comprising energy storage, advanced power conversion, and proprietary controls, eliminates those problems by plugging directly into the rig’s drive house to monitor voltage and frequency intelligently and manage power loads dynamically, producing dramatic improvements in engine response times. Its automated operation requires no manual inputs, and it is fully integratable with a wide range of generator controllers. The FlexGen SSG has allowed operators to reduce fuel costs by 15-25% and reduce maintenance costs by 35-45% while reducing rig blackouts and drilling time. The FlexGen SSG features 100-millisecond response time for fully rated power output, as well as automated control of multiple generators and an onboard uninterruptible power supply for 100% system reliability.

FlexGen’s SSG helps reduce engine response times, fuel costs, and maintenance costs.


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