Digital Water-Tank Monitoring System

Precision Frac and Karmic Energy introduced the Karmic Energy Automated Tank-Measurement and Monitoring System, a solar-powered, satellite-linked, wireless water-tank-monitoring system created specifically to increase fracturing-site productivity and provide accurate water-tank-level and -temperature measurements at water-storage and -transfer sites. The sensor system can be set up and be running in only a few hours. The system measures virtually any shape of tank, pond, or reservoir in real time, and sends data locally to ruggedized Wi-Fi-connected tablets running the tank-monitoring application, as well as to the Internet by a built-in satellite transceiver, allowing access from anywhere in the world. The system is designed not only for quick setup, but also for autonomous operations requiring little to no intervention afterward. At the core of the worksite is a solar-power and satellite-connected mobile transmission station that houses computer servers and communications systems in a towable, crane-liftable trailer built to withstand widely fluctuating temperatures and wind speeds up to 100 miles/hr. The mobile transmission station’s solar-power system is designed to operate without sunlight for up to 7 days. The system currently has 12 of the most common water-tank styles to choose from, including fixed-axle trailers, man-made ponds, and a variety of industry-standard tanks.

The Karmic Energy Automated Tank-Measurement and Monitoring System is easily and quickly portable.



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